The Future is Bright

We’ve been making quality furniture for centuries in the UK using many of the same techniques to ensure that the end product is of the highest standard to surpass consumer demands and ensure that imports remain second best as regards to quality. But change is in the air, automation is entering the furniture manufacturer’s workplace at a pace; bringing efficiency, productivity and cost savings.

The new tee nut insertion machine system can speed up the process without losing any of the precision and craftsmanship that is expected by your customers. In fact the technology is of the standard that insertion of tee nuts can be to an even deeper and straighter tolerance leading to an even higher standard finish than the best of craftsman can achieve with outdated manual tools.

The Age of the Machine

This tee nut insertion machine is free standing and is operated by an adjustable air pressure system so that depth can be varied depending on the type of material the tee nut is inserted into and needs of the end finish. The automatic feed uses a vibrating hopper bowl to ensure that tee nuts are fed uniformly into the channel leading into the machine, ready for insertion on the operators command. It also has an automatic cut-off when the feed channel is full to save on electricity and avoid the disruption and inconvenience of jamming in the machine. This machine is capable of inserting 2,000 nuts in just one hour, which surpasses even the most experienced operator using a hand tool by a considerable volume making a massive difference to the productivity of any furniture producer. Speed is not the only benefit, with quality of finish also improving due to the accuracy a tee nut insertion system can consistently deliver.

Tee Nut Time

Used in the machine is the classic JNT type Tee nut, ideal as a strong, reliable anchor in any wooden furniture application. The tee nut is flush fitting and self-locking to prevent rotation during furniture assembly. Tee nuts can be purchased in either natural or zinc finish, and come in both imperial and metric sizing to suit all designs. An additional quick-change flaring tool on the insertion machine ensures that the tee nuts are fastened firmly into place and will never come out.

Safety Always Comes First

As with all machinery, safety in the workplace is the highest concern, but this particular machine is fitted with a dual safety system for the peace of mind of both operator and factory management.

Seeing is Believing

On the page the benefits are clear, but seeing the process first hand is always the best way to convince yourself of the savings to be made in both time and money. Also a close up inspection of the quality of insertion is a must, which can be best seen by holding the wood, directly after the machine has done its work. Please call JET PRESS to arrange a demonstration and to discuss your requirements. This is the future; don’t get left behind in the past.