What are ‘engineered fasteners’ as opposed to just ‘fasteners’?

Firstly, let’s be clear about what we mean by a fastener – it is a physical device that mechanically attaches or joins two or more objects together. The most common forms of fastener that everyone takes for granted are the myriad of types of screws and nuts and bolts that fasten so many things in the modern world from cars, aircraft, washing machines, building materials, furniture, etc. When we add the word ‘engineered’ to fasteners, we imply that the fasteners have been designed and developed by an engineer to have certain special attributes or to perform a specific function or in a specific way.

But wouldn’t it be easier just to use a few standard sizes of screws and nuts and bolts?

This simple answer is no. Engineered fasteners can perform functions that standard fasteners either can’t perform at all or can’t perform as well. An example here would be a plastic cable clip that has carbon nanotubes blended into the material. This enables it to act as an earthing conductor for a fuel pipe, whilst having the advantage over a metal cable clip of not damaging the pipe under working vibration. Although engineered fasteners may have a higher piece-part price than a basic fastener, the true in-place cost is often cheaper when taking into account costs such as assembly time. Working with engineers who have developed great expertise in walking production lines or performing product strip-downs, means cost savings can be identified by using specialist fasteners.

Are special engineered fastener solutions very slow and expensive to develop?

First, be aware that there are many thousands of engineered fasteners already developed, manufactured and available on the market today. The original design and development costs have already been absorbed for these products and they are capable of providing a raft of off-the-shelf solutions to new applications that share similarities with their original design purpose. Second, if the development of a new special engineered fastener is required, the good news is that it is nowhere near as difficult or slow as it used to be. With CAD and 3D printing technologies now available, designing and printing multiple prototypes can be done quickly and easily before any investment in production tooling is needed.

Where is the best place to get engineered fasteners?

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