Even with our industry expertise and global sourcing knowledge, it’s always possible that the fastener you need doesn’t exist.

We were contacted by one of the world’s leading names in commercial catering equipment, after they discovered a fastener was failing to adequately secure a control knob. As manufacturers of high quality products with a reputation to protect, a reliable solution was needed. We visited the customer to find out exactly what they needed the clip to do and to determine the dimensional constraints we were working to.

By acknowledging that the current fastener was falling out of the control knobs when removed from the shaft for cleaning and maintenance, allowed our technical department and the customer’s design team to work together to develop a modified knob clip.

The new design would offer superior hold-in properties compared with a standard clip by adding retaining angled barbs. During the process, options were discussed and evaluated in order to make the clip highly effective. By combining the barbs with a change to the radius of the clip we achieved the perfect balance of fitting ease against retention.

A follow-up visit allowed us to see that the initial samples were working well and a full production run was approved by the customer. By adapting an existing modular tool to suit the customer’s specific requirements, we were able to keep both the lead-time and cost down whilst meeting the design specification. Throughout the process the company had a dedicated account manager to ensure the company's requirements and expections were fulfilled.