Not all fasteners need to be a permanent fix, so looking for a removable fastener with a list of requirements can sometimes be difficult.

An engineer working for an off highway vehicle manufacturer approached us regarding a requirement for a temporary fixing system. The system was to be used within an air intake assembly securing a steel mesh to a substrate, as adhesives alone could not support two components in the correct position, therefore additional stability during the curing process of the adhesive was required.

By working together, our technical department and the engineer established the details of the application, which allowed us to identify an array of fastening solutions to create a temporary fix. The solution chosen was within our range of spring steel edge clips, as it combines high holding strength, with simple installation and a low in place cost.

Originally the edge clip was to be used as a temporary fix whilst the adhesive cured. However, because of its low cost and unobtrusive nature, it is now left in place permanently as a back up fixing for the application.