How do you safeguard against movement and vibration which causes threaded fasteners to become loose? While also reducing weight, inventory and cost?

Engineers working for a global agricultural vehicle manufacturer, had a sensor that was secured with a M6 nut and bolt, which kept coming loose due to the operational rigours of the vehicle. So how did we solve the issue?

While needing to maintain strength in the anchor point and not wishing to completely redesign the fixing method, an additional anti-vibration feature was needed. Within an array of possible options available in the marketplace, the Palnut Regular Locknut met all the requirements.

Already known to give outstanding anti-vibration performance when used in conjunction with a standard full-nut, the small thread size allowed the Palnut to operate successfully as a standalone locknut, eliminating the need for a nut and washer combination. As well as this the Palnut Regular Locknut was secured with less torque than a standard full-nut.

A full range of metric products are available up to M50, with sizes in excess of M6 to be used in conjunction with a standard full-nut. Palnut Regular Locknuts offer impressive anti-vibration properties across all industries, from automotive to construction to steel fabrication, in a variety of anti-corrosion finishes.