Coloured Fir Tree Buttons

Coloured Fir Tree Buttons

Posted 20 October 2017

Fir tree buttons are the perfect way of securing sheet materials or board to another panel or for holding components to panels.

Also known as pine tree buttons, they are commonly used in the automotive industry to secure trims, but also have many uses in upholstered furniture, electrical equipment and domestic appliances.

Quickly installed with a simple push, the fins are angled to allow easy insertion into the hole, but this angle prevents the part from coming out as resistance is then in place.

They are made from nylon or acetal in numerous sizes from 3.0mm to 12.0mm to suit all requirements. We are happy to advise you on your requirements to ensure you choose the correct fir tree button for your application.

Generally fir tree buttons were only available in standard colours of black, grey or natural, but actually there are no limits to the colour possibilities available (quantity permitting) when choosing from our range of fir tree buttons.

A wide choice of colours are available from stock, but we can also offer on certain products a colour match service where you can specify an exact RAL colour match of your fir tree buttons. This is available on low to medium order quantities in some case as low as 30,000 pieces.

Colour co-ordinated fir tree buttons are a popular choice with airlines and interior seating manufacturers, this option allows you to match these useful panel fasteners to your company colours or vehicle interior trim.

Teconnex Tutorial Video

Teconnex Tutorial Video

Posted 14 July 2017

New to our website in the Teconnex Stainless Steel Band Clamps section we have a new tutorial on Teconnex clamps. The video can be found prominently on the page and walks you through the various V band clamps available with reference to their many applications.

The possibilities are endless with the ability to supply small or large volumes.

Contact us today on +44 1623 551800 and our friendly sales team will be happy to go through the different options with you.

New Industrial Components Catalogue Out Now!

New Industrial Components Catalogue Out Now!

Posted 12 June 2017

The new JET PRESS Industrial Components Catalogue has just arrived! This latest edition is full of innovative new products and extended product ranges, all of which complement our already comprehensive offer.

Our 260 page catalogue has many new products including: Webbing, Plastic Buckles, Teconnex clamps.

The catalogue features an eight-page picture index making it easy for you to find the component you require. From here you can find many of our popular product lines including: Edge Clips, Cable Clips, Fir Tree Buttons, Plastic Rivets, Pushnuts, Locknuts, Quarter Turn and Quick Release Fasteners.

We have extensive stocks available for rapid delivery and if you can’t find what you are looking for our first class customer service and technical support are available to help.

To request your own copy please contact us.

Fasteners & Components in Stainless Steel

Fasteners & Components in Stainless Steel

Posted 03 April 2017

Do you need an engineered fastener or component but can’t find an off-the-shelf solution? Or, do you have an idea for a new fastener, but don’t have the expertise or resources to design and manufacture it yourself? Perhaps JET PRESS can help …

JET PRESS can offer a complete design, engineering and manufacturing service. We help companies to translate concepts and ideas into volume production parts. We can offer advanced design and 3-D modelling capabilities. These services can be used to enhance and improve your existing component design, or to come up with a completely new fastener concept. When our engineers get involved at the design stage of projects, we can help to lower costs and to reduce lead times dramatically.

Specialist Fasteners in Stainless Steel

One of the most frequent requests that we receive at JET PRESS is for help in designing fasteners in stainless steel. For many of our clients, stainless steel is the material of choice due to its corrosion resistance. Similarly, the metal’s high resistance to both high and low temperatures means that parts made in stainless steel can be used in numerous applications across all types of industries. Some stainless steels can maintain excellent strength at high temperatures. Other stainless steels can keep high mechanical properties at cryogenic temperatures.

The sheer strength of stainless steel makes it a popular choice for parts destined for use in the construction and building industries. The material is also visually appealing. In applications where aesthetic appeal is important, stainless steel components may be used. Certainly, a polished stainless steel part can be very pleasing to the eye.

JET PRESS Fasteners in Stainless Steel

Some of the most popular JET PRESS fasteners can be produced in stainless steel. Bonding Fasteners are often used in marine applications. The parts can be produced in both 304 and 316 stainless steel. Other parts, such as press studs are also a popular choice in stainless steel and can be produced to customer requirements.

Spring Steel Fasteners in Stainless Steel

Our popular range of Edge Clips is one that is often asked for in stainless steel. Although we can produce most of these types of fasteners in stainless steel, this type of clip will have different “spring” qualities when produced in stainless steel instead of mild steel.

Often, when it comes to spring clips, corrosion resistance is the main reason for choosing stainless steel. In these instances, we often recommend that the customer take the part in a mild steel with a finish that has a very high corrosion resistance. This makes it easier to maintain the working attributes of the original spring steel clip. We can offer lots of special finishes that will achieve a corrosion resistance, based on a salt spray rating, of many hundreds of hours.

Contact JET PRESS for your stainless steel fastener requirements.

At JET PRESS we are glad to receive your enquiries for bespoke components. We can offer a professional and personal service for any volume of parts. Contact Us for further details.

Smooth Introduction of New Friction Guides from Accuride<sup>®</sup>

Smooth Introduction of New Friction Guides from Accuride®

Posted 31 March 2017

Accuride® International, the leading global manufacturer of telescopic slides and sliding systems, has turned its engineering and design expertise to creating new linear friction guides with outstanding benefits for users of handling systems.

Traditional linear slides use steel or polymer ball bearings for smooth movement; friction guides use a plain bearing surface and no rolling elements. With no exposed moving parts, linear slides are ideal for harsh environments where dust, sand or any dirt particles could clog slides that use bearings. Installations are virtually maintenance-free; they have a dry movement and require no lubrication. The nature of the design and their resistance to corrosion also means that they can function in and around many types of liquids and be subjected to high-pressure washing.

Compared to equivalent recirculating ball bearing slides, these friction guides are lighter, easier to use and engineered to minimise stress and wear on the friction elements for a smooth durable operation. The quality is further evident in the low vibration and low noise operation.

The new linear bearing guides showcase all the benefits that customers have come to expect from Accuride® including ease of use, superior performance and designed-in reliability. The strong engineering pedigree has delivered a friction guide that, thanks to its extra-tough anodised aluminium track and superior polymer guide, is hardwearing and long-lasting. This longevity adds to the low total cost of ownership and also makes it an attractive alternative to applications that may be over-engineered with costlier solutions.

There are three variants in the new friction guide range; non-adjustable, manual adjust and auto-adjust with all contact surfaces engineered to produce uniform wear. The height, width and hole pitches all comply with ISO 12090-1:2011 and ISO 12090-2:2011 standards for compatibility with legacy installations.

The guides move along a hard-anodised aluminium track which is available in two standard lengths of 1 metre and 2 metres. These seamlessly fit together to permit track of any length to be designed and allows the bearing blocks to traverse freely along the whole extent of that track.

The permutations of plain bearing guides and plain slides are ideally suited for many applications within machine tool, semi-conductor and materials handling markets.

These new Friction Guides are supplied from stock in our Nottinghamshire warehouse for next working day delivery.