Wireless LED Lighting

Wireless LED Lighting

Posted 07 December 2017

LED lighting technology in our extended range of wireless lighting is exceedingly efficient. The use of disposable batteries and rechargeable power supplies now allows you to enhance your space with widespread, creative and practical uses around the home and office.

Our new products work brilliantly with fitted furniture and can also be used to add illumination to any dim or dark area without the need to have wired power installed. They can be simply and safely installed almost anywhere.

Long battery life gives the peace of mind of a long and uninterrupted service. No wiring and the simplicity of fitting make this a must-have enhancement to living and working areas.

Highly efficient LED’s combined with PIR sensors are ideal for wardrobes, cupboards and other dark spaces, giving instant light when needed and automatically turning off to save energy. The PIR motion sensor detects movement and this triggers the light.

In the case of our Wireless Motion Sensor Light fitting, the infra-red sensor is combined with a daylight sensor to ensure the light is only triggered when it is dark thereby saving battery power. When the batteries do eventually need replacing, the process couldn’t be simpler as the base is held magnetically and is simply pulled away to gain access to the batteries.

Our LED Motion Sensor Light also uses a PIR sensor and has a built-in rechargeable battery. This fitting is charged with the supplied USB cable and is easily removed from the integrated bracket for recharging.

You’ll find the rechargeable LED products along with many other designs in the Surface Mounted Lighting section of our website. For any further details, samples and prices, please call our sales team on +44 1623 551 800 or contact us here

The 2-LOCK™ Elematic Cable Tie from JET PRESS is like no other cable tie

The 2-LOCK™ Elematic Cable Tie from JET PRESS is like no other cable tie

Posted 09 November 2017

Patented overmoulding technology enabled the development of a double-tooth steel retainer moulded into a plastic body. This creates the highest performing cable ties for the most demanding applications.

When your costs of failure are high, you need a cable tie that can give you peace of mind - you need 2-LOCK™.


Weather-resistant polyamide 6.6 offers outstanding mechanical performance and great chemical resistance. This is coupled with the highest 316 marine grade stainless steel plate for the gripping teeth. Together, these materials give you a long-lasting and reliable fixing even in the most adverse environmental conditions.


The double tooth in the plastic body shows substantially improved service performance over single-tooth ties. Along with the resistance to corrosion, these features make 2-LOCK™ more resistant to vibration than any other cable tie in the market today.


Installation is smooth and easy and with no stepped ratchet in the design, the best possible fit is guaranteed. It gives you the lowest insertion effort combined with the highest release strength for quick and easy fixing and the assurance you need that it will perform.


Originally developed to satisfy the ever demanding quality needs of the automotive industries, the design and features have led to applications in cars, trucks, trailers, buses, agricultural machinery, construction and mining equipment to name but a few.

2-LOCK™ has become the cable tie of choice in many power generation industries, including wind turbines and in other outdoor constructions such as telecommunication towers. The harsh conditions and the high costs of out-of-period maintenance that would result from failure, have proven that 2-LOCK™ is the best cost-effective solution.

To find out how 2-LOCK™ can fit with your needs, contact Martin Critchley at JET PRESS on +44 1623 551 800 or contact us here

Double stainless steel tooth • UV resistant • -40C to +85C • 80kg tensile strength • Halogen-free • Material flammability rating UL94 V2

Coloured Fir Tree Buttons

Coloured Fir Tree Buttons

Posted 20 October 2017

Fir tree buttons are the perfect way of securing sheet materials or board to another panel or for holding components to panels.

Also known as pine tree buttons, they are commonly used in the automotive industry to secure trims, but also have many uses in upholstered furniture, electrical equipment and domestic appliances.

Quickly installed with a simple push, the fins are angled to allow easy insertion into the hole, but this angle prevents the part from coming out as resistance is then in place.

They are made from nylon or acetal in numerous sizes from 3.0mm to 12.0mm to suit all requirements. We are happy to advise you on your requirements to ensure you choose the correct fir tree button for your application.

Generally fir tree buttons were only available in standard colours of black, grey or natural, but actually there are no limits to the colour possibilities available (quantity permitting) when choosing from our range of fir tree buttons.

A wide choice of colours are available from stock, but we can also offer on certain products a colour match service where you can specify an exact RAL colour match of your fir tree buttons. This is available on low to medium order quantities in some case as low as 30,000 pieces.

Colour co-ordinated fir tree buttons are a popular choice with airlines and interior seating manufacturers, this option allows you to match these useful panel fasteners to your company colours or vehicle interior trim.

Teconnex Tutorial Video

Teconnex Tutorial Video

Posted 14 July 2017

New to our website in the Teconnex Stainless Steel Band Clamps section we have a new tutorial on Teconnex clamps. The video can be found prominently on the page and walks you through the various V band clamps available with reference to their many applications.

The possibilities are endless with the ability to supply small or large volumes.

Contact us today on +44 1623 551800 and our friendly sales team will be happy to go through the different options with you.

New Industrial Components Catalogue Out Now!

New Industrial Components Catalogue Out Now!

Posted 12 June 2017

The new JET PRESS Industrial Components Catalogue has just arrived! This latest edition is full of innovative new products and extended product ranges, all of which complement our already comprehensive offer.

Our 260 page catalogue has many new products including: Webbing, Plastic Buckles, Teconnex clamps.

The catalogue features an eight-page picture index making it easy for you to find the component you require. From here you can find many of our popular product lines including: Edge Clips, Cable Clips, Fir Tree Buttons, Plastic Rivets, Pushnuts, Locknuts, Quarter Turn and Quick Release Fasteners.

We have extensive stocks available for rapid delivery and if you can’t find what you are looking for our first class customer service and technical support are available to help.

To request your own copy please contact us.