Our nuts and push-on fasteners products are a diverse range of fasteners. We have locking nuts, self-threading fasteners, insert nuts for wood, clip-on u-nuts and lug nuts for panel edges and many more engineered solutions in metal and plastic.

Cage Nuts

JET PRESS offers two types of cage nut. One is the traditional two-winged metal caged nut that is usually inserted into a square hole (such at the rear of the mounting rails of equipment racks). As an alternative, a simple-to-insert, front-fixing alternative of a steel nut in a plastic cage is also available.

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Captive Nuts

Plastic captive nuts are generally used by inserting the nut into a square slot on a panel. The captive nut can then receive a screw to secure an item to the panel.

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Insert Nuts

Insert nuts are used for providing a machine thread in wood, MDF, chipboard and similar materials. A wide variety of styles are offered to suit nearly every application.

Designs include knock-in, screw-on, closed-end and flanged or flangeless.

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Linkage Clips

We offer linkage clips in plastic or metal. They are ideal for attaching moving rods in a variety of motion transfer applications.

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Locking Nuts

These locking nuts have been proven in many real-world testing environments where an anti-vibration nut or shakeproof nut is needed. This self-locking nut has a low profile and is available in a corrosion-resistant hot dip galvanised form for highly demanding environments.

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Pushnuts and Push-On Fixes

Pushnuts are a simply applied push on fastener. Capable of giving a quick, secure fastening on a plain shaft. No need for costly grooving or threading, these push nuts are a time-saving cost-efficient fastener. So secure that the pushnut cannot be removed without destroying the fastener.

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Ratchet Fastener System

The ratchet fastener system gives a very fast fitting alternative to lightweight nut and bolt type applications. The plastic nut is simply pushed onto the bolt and secured by a quarter turn. The nut can be removed by unscrewing from the bolt.

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Self Threading Nuts

Our range of self-threading nuts cut their own thread on studs. Low profile nuts are ideal for space-restricted areas and quick and easy Zip Twist nuts can be applied by hand in lightweight applications.

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Tee Nuts, T Nuts, Weld Nuts

Tee nuts (also known as T nuts or weld nuts) come in two broad types:

1. Pronged tee nuts – These are usually used as a wood fastener for receiving a machine thread. The pronged tee nut is driven and secured into a predrilled hole. We can supply you with a range of solutions for fitting tee nut fasteners, from high e  [....]

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U-Nuts & Lug Nuts

U-nuts and lug nuts clip over panel edges and accept a screw fixing. The lug nut is ideal for heavy-duty applications due to its greater thread depth.

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Wave Springs

357 Metric designs and 106 additional Imperial designs are available in the JET PRESS stock collection.

Why choose wave springs?
JET PRESS Wave Springs can be used in place of conventional round wire springs in space critical environments. They are manufactured from a single filament of flat wire formed in contin  [....]

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