JET PRESS supply a vast range of cable clips to suit virtually any application that you encounter.

Cable clips are also used as pipe clips and as hose clips. Applications include brake pipe clips and fuel line clips.

We have metal cable clips and plastic cable clips that can be fastened as edge clips to panels, or secured by screws, or fastened through a self-adhesive pad, or push-fixed in holes using fir tree or w-button fastening.

Our multi-pipe clips are very useful when multiple pipes or multiple cables need to be secured along the same route. Our in-air cable clips are popular where the simple fastening of two or more cables or pipes are required.

The edge pipe clips are easily knocked on to edge of panels to provide a secure fastening point for cables along the edge of the panel.

The swivel cable clips allow any angle of fixing for multiple pipes, hoses, or cables thereby eliminating strain on the clip.

Aluminium Cable Clips

These self-adhesive aluminium cable clips are easy to secure to a surface and even easier to fasten around the cables by simply beding the arms into place.

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Armoured Cable Clips

These cable ranges are suitable for securing armoured cables to panels either through an edge fixing or through slotted panel holes.

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Cable Clip Retainer

These panel edge fitting fasteners present a round hole in line with the panel or at 90 degrees. The hole is suitable for other fixings such as a fir tree or W button fastener.

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Drive Rivet Cable Clips

Drive rivet cable clips give a secure anchor for pipes or hoses to be attached to panels. The clip is inserted into a hole and an integral pin is pushed into place to lock the clip into the panel. Various designs are available for one or multiple pipes to be fixed with one clip.

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Fir Tree Cable Clips

Plastic fir tree cable clips provide a lightweight and cost-effect method of fixing one or multiple cables to a surface that has a hole. The barbs of the fir tree are pushed through the hole and hold the cable clip securely in place. The cables or pipes are held in the curve of the clip.

Different applications require  [....]

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In Air Cable Clips

Metal and plastic clips are available to secure 2 or 3 cables, pipes or tubes together. The pipes are simply pushed into the clip and retained by the profile of the clip around the pipe.

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Omega Clips

Omega clips fasten around wires, cables or tubes. The two halves of the arrowhead fixing come together for insertion into a panel hole and then the clip is held firmly in place.

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P Clips

P Clips are available in metal and plastic to suit your application.

The metal P clips are zinc plated to resist corrosion and are rubber lined to protect the pipe, cable or hose.

The plastic P clips are manufactured form durable nylon.

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Panel Edge Cable Clips

A range of options are available for fixing pipes to the edge of a panel or fitting cables to the panel edge. Metal clips, plastic clips and plastic clips with metal inserts enable the best solution to be found for your application.

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Quick Release Clips

These plastic clips are screwed onto a surface and clamp wires, cables or tubing into place. The springiness of the plastic allows cables to be quickly removed or inserted without the need to remove the clip.

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Screw Fixed Cable Clips

These fixings are all fastened in place by screws are used for holding various types of cables and tubular items.

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Self Adhesive Clips

Self-adhesive clips are quick and easy to fasten to clean, smooth surfaces. Simply remove the backing from the adhesive and push the plastic cable clip into place.

Various designs and features such as adjustable clips and locking clips are available for your applications.

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Swivel Clips

Swivel Clips allow two or more cables, pipes, or hoses to be clipped together at either a fixed offset angle, or to allow a swivel movement at the point of joining.

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W Button Pipe Clips

The JET PRESS range of W Buttons prvide a secure fxing for cables and pipes mounted on panels.

The male connector of the w-button fits into a punched or drilled hole in the panel and the cable or pipe clips into the top or side of the clip.

Locking w buttons add the option of extra fastening security.

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Weld Stud & Screw On Clips

These cable clips have been designed to fit a standard 5mm weld studs. When push in place, the clips can hold one or two pipes in place. The fixing hole can also be used to screw the clip onto a panel if desired.

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