JET PRESS supply a vast range of cable clips to suit virtually any application that you encounter.

Cable clips are also used as pipe clips and as hose clips. Applications include brake pipe clips and fuel line clips.

We have metal cable clips and plastic cable clips that can be fastened as edge clips to panels, or secured by screws, or fastened through a self-adhesive pad, or push-fixed in holes using fir tree or w-button fastening.

Our multi-pipe clips are very useful when multiple pipes or multiple cables need to be secured along the same route. Our in-air cable clips are popular where the simple fastening of two or more cables or pipes are required.

The edge pipe clips are easily knocked on to edge of panels to provide a secure fastening point for cables along the edge of the panel.

The swivel cable clips allow any angle of fixing for multiple pipes, hoses, or cables thereby eliminating strain on the clip.