U-nuts and lug nuts clip over panel edges and accept a screw fixing. The lug nut is ideal for heavy-duty applications due to its greater thread depth.

U-Nuts - Industry-Standards - Self-Tapping

U-Nuts provide a strong and secure fixing for applications where two or more panels require holding together.

All types feature a generous lead-in for easy assembly and use self-tapping screws for fast fixing.

Typical applications include motor vehicles, domestic appliances, electrical equipment and machinery.<  [....]

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Lug Nuts Extruded U Nuts

Lug Nuts (or extruded U nuts) are ideal in heavy-duty applications where pressed U Nuts are not strong enough. Manufactured from carbon steel in one piece with a rolled thread, they offer a strong, reliable fixing in sheet materials.

Part numbers LUN007, LUN014 and LUN021 have an anti-vibration (Prevailing Torque) feat  [....]

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