Push-Push Latches are a useful method of securing doors where no external handles are to be used. They provide a simple push-to-open and push-to-close operation. A range of sizes, colours, and strengths are available.

Push-Push Latches - Light-Duty

Easily fitted to doors to access panels for computer monitors and control consoles, these small push-push latches are suitable for lightweight applications.

With a smooth and reliable push-to-open, push-to-close action they snap easily into pre-punched holes, reducing installation time.

We also offer these Pus  [....]

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Push-Push Latches - Large

Druckschnäpper eignen sich besonders für Schranktüren und Zugangsplatten, und lassen sich einfach ein- und herausdrücken. Sie benötigen keine zusätzliche Befestigung, wodurch sich die Montagezeit reduziert.

Sollte es nicht möglich sein, einen Schließkeil bereits in der Tür vorgeformt zu produzieren, ist ein separater S  [....]

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Push-Push Latches - Heavy-Duty

These push-push latches are suitable for doors and access panels on products such as computer monitors and control consoles.

The floating ball striker enables self-alignment. Strike plate and screws are supplied.

Typical applications include domestic appliances, drinks' holders, boilers, motor vehicles and comp  [....]

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