Bed Fittings from JET PRESS

We supply a wide range of popular fittings and fasteners that are used in the manufacture and assembly of beds.

Divan Drawer Corner Guards

These divan drawer corner guards improve the aesthetic look of divan drawer corners and also serve to protect the fabric from fraying. They can easily be stapled into position at the drawer corners.

Material - High Density Polyethylene.
Typical Colours - Cream, Chrome (plated).

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Divan Bed Corner Guards

This nickel plated Divan Bed Corner Guard is designed to protect the corners of a divan bed, whilst enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the bed's frame and differentiating the bed from the standard offer.

Simply fit the Corner Guard to the base of the bed using knock in tacks.

Material - Mild Steel, Nickel Pl  [....]

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Divan Bed Linking Bars

Divan Bed Linking Bars are designed to join two divan bed bases together and are commonly used on small double, double, king and super king sized beds.

One side of the divan link bar is fixed by a bolt through the slot to allow the bar position to be pivoted and adjusted. The other end of the bar pivots over the bolt in  [....]

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Folding Wing Bolts

Folding Wing Bolts fix the divan bed linking bars into position. The folding wing head gives easy and quick fastening of the bolt into the divan by hand. The wing then folds flush to the divan for safety and neatness.

These Wing Bolts are supplied in a high quality nickel finish and are best used in conjunction with our  [....]

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Divan Bed Connector Plates

These Divan Bed Connector Plates are designed to interlock in order to assemble divan bed bases or modular furniture.

Once assembled, the plates provide a neat and tidy blind fixing that can easily be disassembled.

Material - Nylon.

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Divan Bed Base U Clips

These divan bed u clips are designed to join divan bed bases together. They can easily be pushed or hammered into position and are not visible as they are fitted within the internal structure of the divan base.

Material - Carbon steel.

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Furniture Glides

These furniture glides help to spread the weight of beds or furniture evenly and assist with preventing slippage across modern floor surfaces.

Material - Nylon.
Typical Colours available - Black, Chrome (plated).


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Swivel Ball Castors - Grip-Neck Stem & Socket

These swivel ball castors have a grip-neck stem fitting that slides into a pre-driven socket and provide a neat and tidy aesthetic solution for beds, sofas, armchairs and footstools.

Material - Zinc alloy die cast.
Colours available - Beige, brown and chrome.


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Hooded Twin-Wheel Castor - Grip-Neck Stem & Socket

Hooded twin-wheel castors with a grip-neck stem require sockets for them to be installed, as the socket holds the castor by the grip-neck stem, so it is imperative sockets are securely attached to furniture.

- Product CTR138 requires a grip-neck socket, which can be ordered separately
- Product CTR141 is   [....]

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Headboard Bolts

The Headboard Bolt is a one-piece design reducing inventory and packing costs. It is simple to locate due to a pointed tip and has a generous head which can be either turned by hand, screwdriver or coin, etc.

Material - Mild Steel with Bright Zinc Plate Finish (Bolt), Plastic (Head)

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Bottom Fix Drawer Runners - Self Closing

These self-closing bottom fix drawer runners are designed for screw or rivet attachment and are ideal for kitchen, bedroom and general purpose joinery applications. Easy to fit or to replace existing runners and available in a range of different lengths.

- 100% Extension
- Self Closing
- 25kg Load Rating

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Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

These Ball Bearing Slides have the following features:

- Load rating up to 45kg
- 100% Extension
- Hold-in
- Front disconnect lever

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Soft-Closing Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

This range of Soft-Closing Ball Bearing Drawer Slides are easy to install and are smooth operating. Suitable for a variety of drawers in kitchens and bathrooms.

- Soft Close
- 35mm closing stroke
- Load rating up to 35kg (450mm length)
- Hold-in feature

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Pronged Tee Nuts - Metric

A strong, reliable and easy-to-fix low-cost anchor for wood and plastic, these Tee nuts can be simply inserted into a pre-drilled hole and tapped into place.

They are flush-fitting, so no counterboring is required. A self-locking feature prevents rotation during hand or automatic assembly.

Suitable for a wide  [....]

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Insert Nuts - Type B

These Type B Insert Nuts have a circular flange for extra holding power and provide a strong, permanent thread for wood, chipboard, MDF and other similar materials.

The coarse, external tooth pattern ensures maximum holding power and simplified installation by knocking the Insert Nut into the base material.


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W Buttons

W Button fasteners, also known as Canoe Clips, are designed to secure sheet materials to secondary panels and can also be used to hold components to panels. These panel fasteners are pushed through the aligning panel holes, contracting on entry and then relaxing to secure the two panels firmly together.

Typical appl  [....]

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Knock Down Cams

Particularly suited to drawer front attachment, these Cams feature ‘Klix’ locking and provide a strong vibration proof joint. The linear cam profile results in smooth, easy cam rotation and dowel pull-up. This range of Cams is used in conjunction with Klix, Quickfit, Quickfit TL and panel to Frame Pins.

Typical applicat  [....]

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Klix Dowel Pins - Countersunk

These Countersunk Klix Dowel Pins allow assembly without the need for drilling blind holes. Instead, simple drill and countersink a through hole in the side panel, insert the dowel pin from the outside and tighten the cam to give a secure and flush joint.

Typical applications include desks, kitchen units, bedroom furnit  [....]

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