ZlideOn Zip Repair from JET PRESS

Award-winning ZlideOn zip repair

The ZlideOn zip repair is an innovative yet superbly simple product which solves the age-old problem of broken zip fasteners.

 1. Remove the broken slider   2. Open your ZlideOn   3. Position your ZlideOn on the zip   4. Click into place. Good as new.




No longer do you have to throw away expensive clothing, sleeping bags, suitcases, tents or endure the time and the expense of replacing a broken zip with a whole new zipper.

ZlideOn can be used on all models of zip fasteners including metal, nylon and plastic. It works on any application, from clothes and bags to tents, furniture covers and golf bags.

Proven in military applications, this is a zip repair you can rely on.

With ZlideOn you quickly and simply replace your broken slider to return the zipper to normal operation.

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