W Button Pipe Clips from JET PRESS

The JET PRESS range of W Buttons prvide a secure fxing for cables and pipes mounted on panels.

The male connector of the w-button fits into a punched or drilled hole in the panel and the cable or pipe clips into the top or side of the clip.

Locking w buttons add the option of extra fastening security.

W Button Cable & Pipe Clips - Single

These push-in W Button Clips are ideal for use wherever cables and pipes have to be installed and fitted onto a panel.

Pipe entry orientation options are available as shown below. Top locking versions are suited to applications where there is a risk of the pipe being forced out of the clip due to vibration or movement.  [....]

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W Button Cable & Pipe Clips - Multi

This range of Multi W Button Cable Clips is designed to be pushed into pre-punched or drilled holes..

Pipe entry orientation options are available as shown.

Typical applications include motor vehicles, railway rolling stock, electrical equipment, garden equipment and boats.

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