P Clips from JET PRESS

P Clips are available in metal and plastic to suit your application.

The metal P clips are zinc plated to resist corrosion and are rubber lined to protect the pipe, cable or hose.

The plastic P clips are manufactured form durable nylon.

Metal P Clips

These Metal P Clips secure pipes, hoses and cables in applications where there is the possibility of chafing and damage to the component. Rubber-lined Electro Zinc Plated Steel, they are ideal for mounting all types of wiring and cables to the chassis of vehicles and other industrial enclosures.

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Plastic P Clips

These Plastic P Clips are designed to fix cables, pipes, hoses or components in applications where a screw or bolt is the easiest method of fixing. Ideal for use in domestic appliances, vehicles, electrical equipment and interior or exterior installation work.

Typical applications include domestic appliances, electrica  [....]

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