Bring elegance and luxury to your furniture with handles and knobs

Whether it’s a new bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, adding the correct finishing touches is essential. Using an array of traditional, contemporary or luxury handles and knobs, they can enhance and up-date cabinets and cupboards. So which style to go for?

From chrome to stainless steel, designs that need to be fresh looking and modern, can be enhanced by the use of contemporary handles and knobs. This creates an up to date look, which will stand out in any kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

Producing a unique and luxury design? Swarovski have launched a range of handles and knobs showcasing the beauty of Swarovski crystals. Not only are they striking and elegant, they add glamour and sparkle to any interior. Or if it’s to match with other furniture, leather handles are modern and stylish, which co-ordinate with most furniture designs.

Using materials such as porcelain and pewter, traditional handles and knobs add an elegant touch to the home. Some consumers would argue that 'traditional' means they are not the most stylish choice for today. However, traditional handles and knobs have timeless elegance and have been designed to complement traditional schemes, creating a sense of character within interiors.

Make your company or home remembered by using unique finishing touches.