Hydraulic Dampers from JET PRESS

Camloc have developed a full range of hydraulic dampers to absorb and control motion in an array of applications. The basic rod and tube assembly has been adapted to include oil-filled and gassed emulsion filled variations to provide optimum damping in extension, compression, or in both directions. The wide range of sizes and mounting possibilities can provide the ideal damping solution, all in one self-contained unit.

The JET PRESS technical team can advise you on the best configuration to fit your requirements. Lightweight hatches, medical beds, vehicle racks and seating can all benefit from the broad range of dampers we can offer. Even blast mitigation for military applications can be achieved at the heavy duty end of the range.

Carbon steel and stainless steel versions are available to suit the environmental conditions of your application. The operating range of -40*C to 100*C allows for large changes in ambient temperature with no reduction in effective absorbtion. Our custom design service means that you get exactly what you need, without compromise.

Maintenance-free, fit-and-forget units with durability as standard, the Cam-Shoc range, partnered with our technical support, are easily absorbed into your design and we’ll make sure the process through to fitting runs smoothly.