Compatible with a range of activation triggers (such as keypads, smart keys, and id cards) these Accuride drawer slides with electronic locks provide you with the most modern access restriction and logging solutions for sliding systems.

Accuride 3832 Drawer Slide With Electronic Lock

The Accuride 3832 drawer slide comes with an integrated electronic lock which restricts access and can track when and by whom the drawer has been opened. Wiring is supplied with an 8 pin Molex connector for multiple activation options, such as keypads, swipe card, tag systems etc, and facilitates computer integration to record o  [....]

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Accuride Electronic Door Lock

The Accuride electronic door lock is designed to secure doors, drawers and other openings, restricting access and allowing monitored operation. Many activation methods can be used as a trigger, such as Keypads, Smart Keys and I.D. Cards. Recording data from the lock means it’s possible to trace who has had access and when; ideal  [....]

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