Two-way slides are your solution when your application requires a unit to travel equally in either direction from a central closed position.
These slides offer features such as 100% extension for easy access, hold-in & hold-out for safety and convenience, and load ratings up to 50kg to suit most applications.

Accuride 6026 Two-Way Travel Drawer Slides

The Accuride 6026 drawer slides are designed with two-way travel for access to both sides of an application. These slides are ideal for when two operators are working in tandem.

- Load rating up to 100kg (80,000 cycles)
- 75% extension
- 12.5mm slide thickness

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Accuride 3630 Two-Way Travel Drawer Slides

The Accuride 3630 drawer slides are capable of two way travel. They also have a hold-in feature to keep slides closed until extra force is applied which is useful to reduce the risk of accidental movement. The two-way slides are often used on pull-through drawers and trolleys where the 100% extension capability is required.

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Accuride 2026 Two-Way Travel Drawer Slides

Accuride 2026 two-way drawer slides are designed to allow access to both sides of an application. They also have a hold-out feature to keep slides open (until extra force is applied) which helps prevent unwanted movement when in the open position. These slides are suitable for applications such as pull-through drawers in medical  [....]

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