Recessed Lighting 12v - Fiji from JET PRESS

These high powered square LED spotlights are designed by L&S Italy for use wherever a focused beam of light is needed. Ideal for plinth lighting, as shelving display lights and as cabinet interior lights, the Fiji has a single high powered LED and a square transparent lens which gives it a unique look.

  • Square mini spotlight
  • 40mm x 40mm overall size
  • Requires a 25mm diameter hole
  • Choice of cool white or warm white illumination
  • Metallic grey finish
  • Supplied with 2m connection cord
  • Requires 12v power supply unit

Finishes available: Chrome, Metallized Grey.

Note: These spotlights can be purchased individually, or at a discounted price in a pack. The pack consists of three spotlights and a power supply unit. The part number of these offer packs ends with 'P'. Eg: LIG110 is a single spotlight. LIG110P is for three spotlights and a power supply unit.

W = Watt

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DescriptionPart NrTypeWSizeDiameter
LIG110 SingleLIG110Cool1.240 x 4025
LIG110 Pack of 3LIG110PCool1.240 x 4025
LIG111 SingleLIG111Warm1.240 x 4025

All dimensions are mm unless specified.