The Accuride electronic door lock is designed to secure doors, drawers and other openings, restricting access and allowing monitored operation. Many activation methods can be used as a trigger, such as Keypads, Smart Keys and I.D. Cards. Recording data from the lock means it’s possible to trace who has had access and when; ideal for sensitive storage applications.

  • Sensor feedback indicates open or closed and locked or unlocked status
  • Control circuit permits integration into third-party access control systems
  • Lock functions with any power source supplying the required DC voltage and current
  • Installation jigs are supplied for easy installation
  • Multiple activation options

Two versions available:

  • Lock/unlock – opened manually
  • Kick-out – propels door open about 5 cm when unlocked

Kit includes:

  • 1 x electronic lock and latch plate
  • 1 x installation jig
  • 1 x 30 cm cable with 8-pin Molex connector and tinned ends


  • M4 screw/4mm wood screw/6mm Euro screw fixing recommendation
  • Before installing the lock, you must have access to the manual override lever or to the connected activation device
  • Finish: Zinc and black polymer
  • RoHS compliant & CE certified

W = Weight of lock (kg)
T = Thickness

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DescriptionPart NrHLTW
DBLOCK-10EL-2 - Manual lock/unlockSBA05055.470.612.70.06
DBLOCK-10ELKO-2 - Kick-out lockSBA05155.470.612.70.06
DBLEL-0180 - 1.8m cableSBA052----

All dimensions are mm unless specified.