The Accuride 3832 drawer slide comes with an integrated electronic lock which restricts access and can track when and by whom the drawer has been opened. Wiring is supplied with an 8 pin Molex connector for multiple activation options, such as keypads, swipe card, tag systems etc, and facilitates computer integration to record operation.

  • Load rating up to 45kg
  • 100% extension
  • 12.7mm slide thickness
  • Integrated electronic lock mechanism withstands up to 68kg of force
  • Sensor feedback indicates locked or unlocked status
  • Control circuit permits integration into third-party access control systems
  • Lock functions with any power source supplying the required DC voltage and current

Two versions available:

  • Lock/unlock – opened manually
  • Kick-out – propels door open about 5 cm when unlocked

Kit includes:

  • 1 x slide with integrated electronic lock
  • 1 x companion slide
  • 1 x 30 cm cable with 8-pin Molex connector and tinned ends


  • M4 screw/4mm wood screw/6mm Euro screw fixing recommendation
  • Cabinet depth must allow for 8.0cm beyond the length of the slide to provide room for locking mechanism and wiring
  • Side space 12.7mm + 0.8mm
  • Lock-exterior finish: zinc and black plastic
  • RoHS compliant & CE certified
  • Operating temperature: 0° - 50°C
  • Optional cable DBLEL-0180: 1.8 m cable with 8-pin Molex connector and tinned ends
  • Optional clip-on bracket for bottom and platform mounting

W = Weight of slide (kg)
L = Load rating (kg)
TR = Travel
T = Total length with lock
SL = Slide length

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DZ3832-0035EL-2 - Manual lock/unlockSBB704------3504213561.1443
DZ3832-0035ELKO-2 - Kick-out lockSBB712------3504213561.1443
DZ3832-0040EL-2 - Manual lock/unlockSBB705-----3204004714061.3044
DZ3832-0040ELKO-2 - Kick-out lockSBB713-----3204004714061.3044
DZ3832-0045EL-2 - Manual lock/unlockSBB706--320--3524505214571.4445
DZ3832-0045ELKO-2 - Kick-out lockSBB714--320--3524505214571.4445
DZ3832-0050EL-2 - Manual lock/unlockSBB707--320--4165005715081.6045
DZ3832-0050ELKO-2 - Kick-out lockSBB715--320--4165005715081.6045
DZ3832-0055EL-2 - Manual lock/unlockSBB708--3204163524485506215591.7645
DZ3832-0055ELKO-2 - Kick-out lockSBB716--3204163524485506215591.7645
DZ3832-0060EL-2 - Manual lock/unlockSBB708224-416-3524806006716101.9345
DZ3832-0060ELKO-2 - Kick-out lockSBB717224-416-3524806006716101.9345
DZ3832-0065EL-2 - Manual lock/unlockSBB710224-4165443525446507216602.0844
DZ3832-0065ELKO-2 - Kick-out lockSBB718224-4165443525446507216602.0844
DZ3832-0070EL-2 - Manual lock/unlockSBB7112242884165443525447007717112.2343
DZ3832-0070ELKO-2 - Kick-out lockSBB7182242884165443525447007717112.2343
DBLEL-0180 - Optional 1.8m cableSBA052-----------

All dimensions are mm unless specified.