Cable Tie Installation Tool - Plastic

CAT180 - for Cable Tie widths 2.2mm to 4.8mm

This lightweight Cable Tie Installation Tool is designed for use in low volume and service applications. Tensioning is not pre-set for this Tool and surplus Cable Tie is cut off by twisting the Tool. This type of Tool is best suited for lightweight Ties and/or small volume applications.

Cable Tie Installation Tool - Metal

CAT181 - for Cable Tie widths 2.2mm - 4.8mm
CAT182 - for Cable Tie widths 4.8mm - 13.0mm

These Cable Tie Installation Tools have a metal housing and are robust, yet also lightweight and comfortable to use for all general production applications.

The Tools have pre-set tension for tightening the bundle, which is adjustable to give uniform tightening, thus enhancing bundle/loom appearance. Tie cut-off is automatic.

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Plastic ToolCAT180
Metal ToolCAT181

All dimensions are mm unless specified.