These free-standing Levelling Feet are manufactured from glass-filled nylon with a zinc plated steel rod and are supplied as standard in a matt black finish. The ball joint between the base of the foot and the rod allows for a 20° angle swivel action, which is particularly useful on very uneven floors.

Maximum load - 900kg
Maximum load - 500kg for LEF510, LEF511
L = Thread Length

Materials - 20% Glass-Filled Nylon Base, Steel Zinc Plated Rod.

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DescriptionPart NrThreadLDH
Free Standing M8 x 25LEF510M8253018
Free Standing M8 x 40LEF511M8403018
Free Standing M8 x 80LEF515M8804018
Free Standing M10 x 45LEF512M10453018
Free Standing M10 x 70LEF513M10703018
Free Standing M10 x 90LEF517M10904018
Free Standing M10 x 125LEF523M101254518
Free Standing M10 x 150LEF545M101508018
Free Standing M12 x 45LEF518M12454018
Free Standing M12 x 66LEF524M12664518
Free Standing M12 x 100LEF519M121004018
Free Standing M12 x 125LEF525M121254518
Free Standing M12 x 150LEF531M121505018
Free Standing M14 x 66LEF536M14666018
Free Standing M14 x 125LEF548M141258018
Free Standing M16 x 100LEF537M161006018
Free Standing M16 x 150LEF550M161508018
Free Standing M20 x 85LEF562M208510018
Free Standing M20 x 125LEF563M2012510018
Free Standing M20 x 150LEF572M2015012018
Free Standing M24 x 125LEF573M2410012018
Free Standing M24 x 200LEF574M2420012018

All dimensions are mm unless specified.