These Knurled Head Bi-Fix Quarter Turn Studs are inserted through the lid or top panel and simply pressed into the clip on the bottom panel to close. Easily released by a quarter turn, the knurl around the outer edge of the head enables users to open by hand. They also have a slot to open with a coin or flat blade screwdriver if preferred.

Nominal Load = 300N
Max Load = 900N

Material - Brass.

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DescriptionPart NrPH1H2
Knurled HeadQTS0813.0 - 3.714.416.6
 QTS0824.0 - 4.715.417.6
 QTS0835.0 - 5.716.418.6
 QTS0846.0 - 6.917.619.8
 QTS0857.0 - 7.718.420.6
 QTS0868.0 - 8.919.621.8
 QTS08710.0 - 10.721.423.6
 QTS08812.0 - 12.923.625.8
 QTS08914.0 - 14.725.427.6
 QTS09016.0 - 16.727.429.6
 QTS09118.0 - 18.729.431.6
 QTS09220.0 - 20.931.633.8
 QTS09322.0 - 22.733.435.6

All dimensions are mm unless specified.