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Filter the extensive range of Accuride slides to show only those that have the essential features that you need for your application.

Accuride 2415 Linear Slide

The Accuride 2415 drawer slides are designed with linear motion, allowing slide movement to be in a straight line and within a slide’s own length. These slides are suitable for gaming and vending machines, moving control panels and point of sale hardware.

- Load rating up to 18.5kg (80,000 cycles)
- 8mm slide thickn  [....]

Accuride DA0115RC Linear Motion Track

The Accuride DA0115RC track is designed for cost-sensitive applications involving any length of travel and designs where space constraints must be considered.

- Load rating up to 130kg (80,000 cycles)
- Aluminium track available in 1.2m and 2.4m lengths
- Customer cuts track to required length
- Customer dri  [....]

Accuride DP0115-ECRC Soft-Close Mechanism

The Accuride DP0115-ECRC is a soft-closing mechanism, which provides a quiet and controlled motion when used with the DA0115RC linear motion track, and reduces the possibility of trapped fingers.

- Ideal for controlled closure of sliding access panels and doors
- Pulls in 20kg load on a single cassette in a horizont  [....]

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