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Accuride 3507 Drawer Slides

The Accuride 3507 drawer slides are designed for electronic enclosures with heavier chassis sized from 2U to 8U. They have pinch-free, spring disconnect which makes drawer removal and reinsertion easy, and the One-Motion insertion simplifies reinsertion and installation of heavier loads. These slides use a lock-out feature to lo  [....]

Accuride 5417EC Soft-close Drawer Slides

The Accuride 5417EC drawer slides are soft-closing, ensuring a smooth and controlled closing action of the slides.

- Load rating up to 55kg (80,000 cycles)
- 100% extension
- 17.5mm slide thickness
- Opening pull force 2.5kg ± 0.5kg

Accuride 5517-50 Drawer Slides

The Accuride 5517-50 drawer slides are designed with bayonet mounting, where a cut-out in the side of the slides is used as a hook to fit into a corresponding slot in the chassis or drawer. They have a hold-in feature to keep slides closed until extra force is applied. These slides are suitable for metal applications such as cab  [....]

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