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Filter the extensive range of Accuride slides to show only those that have the essential features that you need for your application.

Accuride 3832TR Touch Release Drawer Slides

The Accuride 3832TR drawer slides are designed with touch release, allowing users to push the front of the drawer to open or close. They also have front disconnect, allowing a lever or push latch to be positioned near the front of the slides for easy operation of the disconnect function. These slides also have a hold-in feature   [....]

Accuride 5321EC Soft-Close Drawer Slides

The Accuride 5321EC drawer slides are designed with a soft-close mechanism to prevent slamming and protect against movement of contents. These slides are suitable for heavy tool cabinets, archive storage and wide storage drawers.

- Load rating up to 100kg (80,000 cycles)
- 100% extension
- 19.1mm slide thickness  [....]

Accuride 5417EC Soft-close Drawer Slides

The Accuride 5417EC drawer slides are soft-closing, ensuring a smooth and controlled closing action of the slides.

- Load rating up to 55kg (80,000 cycles)
- 100% extension
- 17.5mm slide thickness
- Opening pull force 2.5kg ± 0.5kg

Accuride 5517-50 Drawer Slides

The Accuride 5517-50 drawer slides are designed with bayonet mounting, where a cut-out in the side of the slides is used as a hook to fit into a corresponding slot in the chassis or drawer. They have a hold-in feature to keep slides closed until extra force is applied. These slides are suitable for metal applications such as cab  [....]

Accuride 7957 Drawer Slides

The Accuride 7957 slides are designed with a disconnect feature that allows easy installation and simple drawer removal. These slides are suitable for use in machine building, electronics access and storage applications.

- Load rating up to 160kg (side mounted 80,000 cycles)
- 100% extension
- 19.1mm slide th  [....]

Accuride 9301 Drawer Slides

The Accuride 9301 drawer slides are designed for extra heavy duty applications and suitable for use in limited space applications such as tool boxes, vehicle battery trays and materials handling.

- Load rating up to 227kg (10,000 cycles)
- 100% extension
- 19.1mm slide thickness
- Available in lengths up to   [....]

Accuride 9308 Drawer Slides

The Accuride 9308 drawer slides are designed with a lock-in/lock-out feature which allows slides to be open or closed until a lever is used to release the lock. These slides are suitable for use in heavy duty storage equipment, mobile drawers and utility vehicles.

- Load rating up to 227kg (10,000 cycles)
- 100% ext  [....]

Accuride DZLADD Ladder Bracket

The Accuride DZLADD ladder bracket allows quick and easy adjustment of the working height of any bayonet-fit slide without the need for tools.

- Ideal for installing bayonet slides into wooden cabinets
- Kit consists of one front and one rear strip
- Customer cuts strip to required length
- Compatible with   [....]

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