The Answer to Faster Tee Nut Insertion

May 2016

Think how your business would benefit from a faster application of Tee Nuts – the SIGMA Tee Nut machine delivers you those improvements in speed, costs and quality. Nottinghamshire based firm JET PRESS are the sole UK supplier of SIGMA Tee nut machines and have the expertise to provide the machine that is right for your business.

The SIGMA Tee Nut machine system can speed up the insertion process without losing any of the precision and craftsmanship that is expected by your customers. In fact the insertion of Tee Nuts can be consistently deeper and straighter with these proven machines.

Tee Nuts are automatically fed by a vibrating hopper bowl which ensures that they are uniformly positioned into the track leading into the machine, ready for insertion. The machine is triggered by a footswitch which leaves the operator’s hands free to safely hold the timber in place. The standard insertion machine is capable of up to 2,000 insertions an hour, making a massive difference to the productivity of any volume furniture producer. Speed is not the only benefit; the consistent accuracy achieved by the machine far surpasses that of a manual insertion process.

Sigma’s Rivet Tee Nut machines add further enhancement by combining insertion and riveting in one operation. In addition to the benefits of the standard Tee Nuts, Rivet Nuts add a far greater push-out resistance which can eliminate secondary processes from many applications. Also, the flared barrel allows an easier lead-in when applying a bolt which can speed up assembly. Many of our customers have utilised this technology to streamline their production whilst increasing the quality of their finished product.

A well-known furniture producer has purchased a number of these machines and recently commented “These machines have revolutionised our production; we can get through the same amount of Tee Nut insertions in around half the time of manual insertion. The accuracy of the machines has also reduced our rejects and returns by a significant amount.” There are two additional options available; a drill-drive option which combines the drilling and insertion of the Tee nut in a single operation and a drill-drive-rivet option which features a sophisticated computer controlled machine to drill the timber and then insert and rivet all in one operation.

An alternative table top machine achieves up to 1,000 insertions per hour and is designed to suit low to mid volume applications. Manually fed with an adjustable air pressure setting to vary the depth of insertion, the machine can be mounted to any sturdy workbench or can be supplied with an optional stand.

Each machine has safety systems for the peace of mind of both operator and factory management and is delivered and installed by JET PRESS. Operator and maintenance training is also carried out when a new machine is installed. Our maintenance engineers are available for call-out and servicing and we endeavour to keep replacement machine parts in stock to ensure reliable and efficient aftersales service.

“No-one in the UK knows these machines better” says JET PRESS's Sales and Marketing Director Andrew Mitchell. “We have a wide range of imperial and metric thread sizes and lengths in stock to suit various applications. We will gladly demonstrate how a SIGMA Tee nut machine can improve your production efficiency” adds Andrew.

Seeing the process first hand is always the best way to convince yourself of the savings to be made in both time and money. A close up inspection of the quality of insertion is a must, which can be best seen by holding the wood, directly after the machine has done its work. A demonstration video can be viewed on our YouTube channel. Our Sales team can also visit your production facility to discuss your specific requirements and advise on the best solution for your application.

Please call JET PRESS on 01623 551 800 to arrange a demonstration and to discuss your requirements.