Top Hat Pushnuts for Outdoor Use
One of our most popular fasteners is the Top Hat Push Nut. First developed in the 1950's, this simple but effective fastener is designed to fix components onto plain round shafts, rods or axles.

Top Hat Pushnuts are the fastener of choice for many because they eliminate the need for expensive secondary operations such as threading, drilling or notching. They can also be assembled onto the shaft or stud very quickly and securely. Once fixed, the fastener is very difficult to remove.

The shiny silver finish of the Top Hat Pushnut will enhance any product whilst offering a reliable, vibration resistant hold. These types of fasteners are also known as Axle Hat Nuts or Tinnerman Hat Style Nuts.

Where are Top Hat Pushnuts commonly used?

These fasteners can be found on all types of vehicles, children's wheeled toys. gardening equipment, furniture and computers. They are used to permanently fasten shafts, wheels, and gears.

The Dangers of Rust

Because these type of fasteners are often used in outdoor applications, it is crucial to understand the importance of the product finish. Typically, most commonly available Top Hat Pushnuts are manufactured in mild steel and then plated in a nickel finish. The finish gives the fasteners a nice shiny appearance which is decorative rather than protective.

Because nickel is not a protective finish, it means that resistance to rust is minimal. For components that are being used outside, this can have serious implication for performance and safety. A push nut that is finished in nickel can start to show signs of rust within hours of exposure to the elements. This will increase that chances for the part eventually failing in the field.

A Pushnut for Indoors and Outdoors

JET PRESS is the first company to offer a range of Top Hat Pushnuts that are suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor applications. That is because their range of pushnuts are now plated in an exclusive Zinc and Trivalent finish which is both decorative and protective. As a result, JET PRESS pushnuts will maintain their appearance and performance over many years, even in the harshest of everyday environments.

The Widest Range of Push Nut Fasteners

JET PRESS can also boast the widest range of Top Hat Pushnuts on the market, The company offers both imperial and metric ranges in a wide range of sizes. They also offer pushnuts with two and three prong attachments. This means that JET PRESS can offer a fastener for most applications and with a finish that allows the part to be used in even the harshest of environments.

The full range of Top Hat Pushnuts can be viewed here. Please contact the company to discuss the correct size, style and finish of fastener for your particular application.

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