Salice Launches New Titanium Finish

Salice Launches New Titanium Finish

Posted 30 March 2016

Italian Hinge manufacturing specialists Salice have enhanced their ranges further with the introduction of the new Titanium finish.

Salice have been manufacturing concealed hinges and plates in a nickel plated finish since 1957. Following the recent trend for darker doors, board and cabinet interiors, Salice have introduced the new Titanium finish to their ranges.

The Titanium finish enhances the aesthetic appeal of cabinet and wardrobe interiors with darker finishes conveying a sense of warmth whilst retaining the technically advanced functionality renowned with Salice hinges. You can contrast the colour schemes with Handles, doors and other work surfaces.

An added advantage of the Titanium finish is that it provides additional corrosive resistance in comparison to the classic nickel-plated version.

Built to satisfy the standard of mid to high end furniture manufacturers, the Titanium hinge has the high quality features you would expect from Salice; an integrated soft-close mechanism, FIRA certification and fully adjustable clip-on plates as standard. Full Overlay 110° and 155° opening angle hinges, plates and plain cover caps are available with next-day delivery from stock at JET PRESS.

Create an impression – try Titanium.

Teconnex Clamp onto JET PRESS

Teconnex Clamp onto JET PRESS

Posted 10 March 2016

Fasteners and components distributor JET PRESS have teamed up with UK-based world class manufacturer of pipe and hose jointing solutions Teconnex to supply their range of clamping products.

Parts are utilised by engine and vehicle manufacturers in a wide range of applications. These include turbo chargers and exhaust after treatment applications, plus aerospace, marine, power generation, oil and gas production as well as the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food and beverage filtration processes.

“These clamps are suitable for pipe and hose diameters of 50mm to 3000mm, they are designed and manufactured for customer specific and standard clamping solutions” says JET PRESS Sales & Marketing Director Andrew Mitchell.

A standard size range of Teconnex 304 grade Stainless Steel Hose Band Clamps (these include V Band Clamps, Slip Joints and Flange Assemblies) are available from stock and can normally be shipped on the same day from JET PRESS.

“Should you have a custom requirement, then our design and manufacturing capabilities extend to providing clamps up to 3000mm in diameter, multiple closing systems to include T-Bolt and Lever systems” adds Andrew Mitchell.

In addition, Teconnex V Band Clamps, Slip Joints and Hose Band Clamps are available in very high performance metals such as inconel or aerospace grade aluminium.

New From JET PRESS Germany

New From JET PRESS Germany

Posted 09 March 2016

The German JET PRESS website - - has recently been updated with a number of new fastener articles for our large number of German-speaking visitors.

Latest posts on the website include:

Unser neuer Katalog ist hier! (Our new catalogue is here!)

Neue Grössen von PVC Tüllen – offen & geschlossen ? (New Sizes of PVC Open & Closed Grommets)

Don't forget! If you are a customer in a German-speaking country and would like JET PRESS to quote you for any of your fastener requirements, we can be contacted directly from Germany on freephone number 0800-788 2360. Alternatively, drop us an email at:

New Telescopic Cam-Stay Introduced to Camloc Range

New Telescopic Cam-Stay Introduced to Camloc Range

Posted 19 January 2016

We are pleased to add the latest mechanical lift up system from Camloc Motion Control. It is a quality, yet fitting addition to the range from a manufacturer more well-known for its quality gas struts, dampers, brackets and end fittings.

The ‘Cam-Stay’ is a telescopic positioning stay designed for a wide range of applications where a weight must be held or supported at various angles. Easy to assemble, this user-friendly multi-positional stay with its fixed holding positions, provides quick and steadfast support for weights up to 135kg.

It is available in three versions; Basic with five locking positions, Basic with 10 locking positions and Reversible with six locking positions.

To operate the Basic versions, just slightly extend the arm from its closed state until it locates into the chosen holding position. To close it, simply fully extend the stay before returning it to the closed position. For the Reversible version, simply lift it out of its current holding position and close.

Typical applications include; access hatches or panels, machine guards, desk lids, storage boxes, tool and site boxes, display panels and signage as well as hospital, physio and massage beds.

Simple and Effective Kwik Nut Fasteners

Simple and Effective Kwik Nut Fasteners

Posted 19 November 2015

In contrast to turning conventional nuts down a thread, Kwik Nuts offer a unique solution as they are easily fitted by pushing down the length of the thread and then simply turned 90° by hand to tighten.

They are lightweight, easy to handle and have a larger A/F than conventional Nuts, thus providing a larger bearing surface. In a Black Nylon 6 material, Kwik Nuts can be used in numerous applications from automotive to electronics.