Snapfix from JET PRESS

Snapfix is a cam housing to allow ease of assembly and a discrete fixing once in place. Cover caps can be used in a variety of colours for an aesthetically pleasing finished appearance.

Snapfix Cams

This Snapfix Cam Housing offers ease of assembly and once fitted is almost fully concealed.

The Cam adjuster is conveniently angled to allow fast and secure assembly to the Pin in the mating piece by less than one turn of a screwdriver.

Cover Caps are available in several colours which allow one Cam to b  [....]

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Snapfix Pins

These Snapfix Pins are used in conjunction with the Snapfix Cams to provide a sturdy robust fixing. Screwed into the work piece by means of a pilot hole it is then easy to locate into the Cam prior to the final half turn of the screwdriver to secure the joint.

Available in a variety of sizes to suit differing board joi  [....]

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