Panel & Trim Fasteners from JET PRESS

Fasteners for securing components to panels and trims

We offer a vast range of panel and trim fasteners, these are available to suit various fixing methods in a variety of materials. Many of these fasteners are used as trim and facia fittings in applications within the automotive industry (cars, vans, trucks, construction and agricultural vehicles, etc). Generally these products are used for securing two panels together or connecting items to panels or fixing through holes or slots.

They fasten using various methods such as plastic or metal barbs and have been designed for permanent or removable fixing.

Product Groups in Panel & Trim Fasteners

Products in Panel & Trim Fasteners

W Buttons

W Button fasteners, also known as Canoe Clips, are designed to secure sheet materials to secondary panels and can also be used to hold components to panels. These panel fasteners are pushed through the aligning panel holes, contracting on entry and then relaxing to secure the two panels firmly together.

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Quarter Turn Captive Panel Latch

This quarter turn latch is a two-piece moulding which is delivered attached to one another but is easily separated with slight finger pressure. The parts are a non-corrosive, non-conductive alternative to metal types. It is installed by inserting into the prepared holes in both panels and driving the head section into the body w  [....]

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Plastic Friction Bushes

Plastic Friction Bushes are easy to insert from the outside of a panel, making them ideal for blind-fixing applications where badges or name plates need to be retained, with the added advantage of sealing the hole against water entry.

PFB020 has an integral spring steel ring for extra hold on the stud.

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