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Our Plugs & Caps offer you solutions for plugging holes for a variety of needs. Some plugs are removable; some are decorative; some are functional, such as acting as a seal or allowing ventilation. If you don’t find what you need, please get in touch.

If you require samples, prices or further information please contact our sales team online or ring +44 1623 551 800.

Hole Plug Buttons Metal Decorative - Snap-in

These Metal Decorative Hole Plug Buttons simply snap-in to cover redundant holes and offer a pleasing appearance when installed.

Designed for easy insertion without special tools, the Plug Button can be easily removed and re-fitted as required. These buttons can be fitted prior to painting.

Stainless steel ver  [....]

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Nylon Hole Plug Buttons - Snap-in

These Snap-In Nylon Hole Plug Buttons are designed to close unneeded wiring holes and drainage outlets and offer a pleasing appearance when installed. Plug Buttons are easily removed and can be re-fitted as required without the need for special tools.

Typical applications include domestic appliances, motor vehicles, ca  [....]

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Self-Sealing Hole Plug Buttons - Snap-in

Self-Sealing Hole Plug Buttons snap into round holes without the use of special tools. They can be removed and re-used if required and are ideal for use in oily or greasy environments.

Typical applications include motor vehicles, domestic appliances, electrical equipment and telecom equipment.

Material - Polyt  [....]

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Ventilated Hole Plug Buttons

Ventilated Hole Plug Buttons are suitable for use in applications where the passage of air, heat or sound needs to be permitted. Manufactured in weather-resistant nylon, these plugs are also suitable for many outdoor installations.

Typical applications include electrical equipment and domestic appliances.

Mater  [....]

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Locking Hole Plug Buttons - Snap-in

These Locking Hole Plugs Buttons are designed to positively snap into unused holes in chassis and panels, providing a pleasing appearance once fitted.

Typical applications include domestic appliances, motor vehicles, cabinets and electrical equipment.

Material - Nylon
Typical Colour - Black

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Hole Plug Buttons

These Hole Plug Buttons are used to cover drainage or redundant holes and are easily inserted.

Type 1 is designed to push through the hole and is suitable for a fixed or limited range of panel thickness.
Type 2 is friction fit and can be used in unlimited panel thickness or blind/cored holes.

Please ask f  [....]

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Flexible Protection Caps

These Flexible Protection Caps offer tough protection at the same time as an attractive finish for many industrial products. Quick and easy to apply, they fit snugly without splitting or cracking and offer excellent insulation qualities as well as resistance to weather, moisture and chemicals.

A larger range of si  [....]

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Decorative Nut Caps

These Decorative Nut Caps offer a pleasing finish to hex nuts and bolt heads and offer excellent protection against moisture and corrosion. The Cover Cap is pressed over the flats of the nut after the connection has been assembled to provide a secure covering and is removable and reusable.

Material - Polyethylene
Ty  [....]

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Threaded Plastic Plugs

Threaded Plastic Plugs are used to protect and seal internal threaded holes against damage, corrosion, dirt and moisture. They have a knurled head so they are easy to grip and fit by hand. These plugs simply screw into the tapped hole which needs protecting. Threaded Plastic Plugs are red for easy and clear identification and ar  [....]

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Plastic Pipe End Caps

Plastic Pipe End Caps provide a simple and cost-effective solution for applications where a removable packing cap is required to protect tubes, rods and pipes during the manufacturing process or during transit.

Lightweight and brightly coloured for easy and clear identification, Plastic Pipe End Caps are made from durab  [....]

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Threaded Plastic Caps

Threaded Plastic Caps are widely used in engineering, hydraulic, pneumatic and automotive applications and are a cost-effective way of protecting threaded tubes and studs from damage, dirt and moisture. Designed with raised ribs on the head which allows the installer to easily fit these by hand or with the a tool such as a pipe   [....]

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Neon Lens Clips

These neon lens clips snap neatly into a pre-punched hole providing a one-piece lens and bulb holder. Typical applications include electrical appliances, computer equipment and instrument panels.

All part numbers suit a 6mm diameter Neon Bulb.

Material - Polycarbonate
Typical Colours - Red, Amber & Clear

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