Appliance & Cabinet Fittings from JET PRESS

Fittings for domestic appliances and level-sensitive equipment

Our products are ideal for appliance and cabinet applications and include a range of Levelling Feet in a choice of bases which are used on various domestic appliances and other types of level-sensitive equipment. Threaded Tube Inserts can be used in conjunction with our Levelling Feet to facilitate the attachment onto the base of domestic appliances.

We have a wide variety of Latches and Catches for holding appliance doors or cabinet doors closed and offer a choice of fixing methods. A range of coloured, easy-to-fit Lens Clips are available along with a selection of Bumper Feet. Our Bumper Feet are available in self-adhesive, push-in and screw-on types to suit almost any application.

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Product Groups in Appliance & Cabinet Fittings

Products in Appliance & Cabinet Fittings

Locking Straps & Self-Adhesive Bases

Used to secure equipment during transit, these Locking Straps and Self-Adhesive Bases are often used on boats and caravans. For added security, there is a choice of bases with fixing holes to allow it to be screwed in place. An adhesive base is attached to the piece of equipment, whilst another base is attached to a secure surfa  [....]

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