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Maritime, automotive and clothing industry

Many of our fabric and marine fasteners solve fixing requirements that involve attaching fabric to fabric or attaching fabric to other materials. Press Studs are Fasteners used for military, marine, leather goods and some automotive applications when one of both components are fabric or leather. They create a reusable fastening to attach, remove or close two elements. For instance, they can be used for the pocket flap on an ammunition pouch, the safety strap on a gun holster or to attach a cover to a boat.

Other products, such as strap assemblies, offer a bespoke solution for your specific requirements – please get in touch to discuss your needs. If you have items that need securing from movement caused by accidental knocking or caused by movement of a surface, be sure to check our range of locking straps.

If you require samples, prices or further information please contact our sales team online or ring +44 1623 551 800.

Product Groups in Fabric & Marine Fasteners

Products in Fabric & Marine Fasteners

Carpet Fasteners

Carpet fasteners are an unobtrusive and removable way of securing material such as carpets to a surface. The carpet fastener is assembled by combining the Ring and the Clinch Plate to form a Socket. This can then can be attached to any Press Stud. One example of how this fastener can be used is to fasten car mats onto carpets.   [....]

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Tenax Fasteners

These heavy duty Tenax fasteners can be quickly fastened to and released from any type of material and are ideal for various marine applications, where resistance to corrosion is an important factor. This Male stud is used with the Female Button to form a complete fastening.

The Button and Cloth-to-Cloth Stud are secur  [....]

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Locking Straps & Self-Adhesive Bases

Used to secure equipment during transit, these Locking Straps and Self-Adhesive Bases are often used on boats and caravans. For added security, there is a choice of bases with fixing holes to allow it to be screwed in place. An adhesive base is attached to the piece of equipment, whilst another base is attached to a secure surfa  [....]

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Tube Clips

Tube Clips are used to retain seat covers or fabric to tubular members. They are simple to fit by merely stretching the fabric around the tube and tapping the clips into place.

Typical application includes vehicle seat covers.

Material - Carbon Steel

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Hook and Loop Tapes - Sew-On

This Sew- On Hook and Loop Tape is ideal where a simple light duty method of fixing is required, it can be fastened and unfastened regularly if required and is ideal for many applications throughout the manufacturing industry. This product is also compatible with our range of buckles.

Typical applications include mi  [....]

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Hook and Loop Tapes - Self-Adhesive

This Self-Adhesive Hook and Loop Tape can be fastened and unfastened regularly if required and is ideal where a simple light duty method of fixing is required. Typically used for military clothing, boats, workwear, marine clothing, packaging and motor vehicles, this hook and loop tape is also compatible with our range of buckles  [....]

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Strap Assemblies Capability

For the best possible solution, we will work with you to develop bespoke ideas and products to ensure that we provide you with what you need to enhance your business. Our Engineers will learn about your operation to find or design cost-effective products.

As well as matching existing specifications, we have a free sampl  [....]

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