Metal Trim Clips from JET PRESS

Retention of fascias, dashboards and trim panels

Metal Trim Clips and other fascia and panel fasteners are proven, quick and versatile fixings that were developed for the automotive industry and are now used across a wide variety of industries. Fast and easy assembly are key benefits.

These methods of fixing offer a secure solution for most applications but can be disengaged with deliberate force when removal or access is needed.

The most popular Metal Trim Clips ranges are shown below but please contact our engineers for other options if required.

If you require samples, prices or further information please contact our sales team online or ring +44 1623 551 800.

Retain on Trim Panel Clip - Headed

Headed Trim Panel Clips have barbs which enable them to remain on the trim panel but will disengage from the base panel to facilitate removal or replacement. This is a popular and versatile style of trim clip which is primarily used by all the major automotive manufacturers to retain fascias, dashboards and trim panels. Beyond t  [....]

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Retain on Trim Panel Clip - Unheaded

Unheaded Trim Panel Clips are proven in the automotive industry to be a popular fastener to retain trim panels, fascias and dashboards. Quickly assembled onto rectangular studs or moulded ribs, they provide a reliable and snug fixing with the further advantage of allowing removal for access or repair.

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Retain on Base Panel Clip

To facilitate removal or replacement, these Retain-on-Base Trim Panel Clips are designed to remain fitted to the base panel but separate easily from the trim panel. ('Headed and Unheaded Trim Panel Clips' have barbs which enable them to remain on the trim panel but disengage from the base panel).

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