Kwik Nuts & Ratchet Fastener System from JET PRESS

The kwik nut and ratchet fastener system gives a very fast fitting alternative to lightweight nut and bolt type applications. The plastic nut is simply pushed onto the bolt and secured by a quarter turn. The nut can be removed by unscrewing from the bolt.

Kwik Nut Fasteners

In contrast to conventional nuts, Kwik Nuts are fitted by pushing down the length of the thread and are tightened by an approximate 90° turn.

They are lightweight, easy to handle and have a larger A/F than conventional nuts, thus providing a larger bearing surface.

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Ratchet Fastener System

The Ratchet Fastening System comprises of a Nut and Bolt which are pushed together to close and are tightened by hand with a simple 1/4 turn.

This system has a maximum pull-off force of 20lb and is designed for light load applications where speed of assembly and re-usability are prime considerations.

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