Bonding Fasteners - Male Threaded Stud from JET PRESS

This range of bonding fasteners is formed from the combination of a machine-threaded stud and a base plate. The studs come in a wide selection of lengths and diameters and three designs of base plates are offered to suit the widest variety of application.

The big base plates provide a firm fixing surface for the metal studs to be attached. Often used with structural adhesives, the holes in the base facilitate an excellent bond.

Male Stud Bonding Fasteners - 23mm Round Base

Male bonding fasteners are a great way of introducing a machine-threaded fastening point onto a surface. Most commonly the fastener is affixed to a surface by structural adhesive or by incorporation into a GRP moulded product.

The fastener is formed from a mild steel threaded stud securely welded to a 23mm round base.

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Male Stud Bonding Fasteners - 38mm Round Base

The large 38mm base for this fastener provides a strong bonding surface to support the threaded stud.

Manufactured from mild steel, these fasteners have proven to be a great method of introducing fixing points by inclusion in a GRP moulding process or by bonding with structural adhesives.

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Male Stud Bonding Fasteners - 38x15mm Base

These male stud bonding fasteners have 38x15mm rectangular bases.

Typical applications include composites, plastic products, fibreboard products, rubber products and insulation materials.

Material - Mild steel.

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