Bonding Fasteners - Female Collar from JET PRESS

Bonding fasteners of this type feature a machine thread collar that is welded to a base.

The bases can be supplied closed (to prevent threaded fixings from penetrating through the fastener) or open (to allow a male thread to pass through the base).

Two sizes of round base are available along with a rectangular based version. A wide range of collar heights and thread sizes for each type of bonding fastener are available to ensure most applications are catered for.

The large load-spreading base creates a firm anchor for the threaded collar that has been welded to that base.

This design of fastener has found to be an ideal solution in many industrial, construction and automotive sectors. Bonding fasteners have provided a female thread by being mould into, bonded to, embedded in or screwed on, to plastic, fibre, composite, rubber and insulation materials.

Subject to minimum order quantities, custom sizes can be supplied. Please contact us today to discuss your application needs.

Female Bonding Fasteners - 23mm Round Closed Base

The base of this design bonding fasteners is a circular mild steel plate of diameter 23mm. This relatively small base size reduced weight and allows the fastener to be used in small spaces.

The base is punctuated with holes to facilitate a number of fixing options - most notably by inclusion into GRP moulded products o  [....]

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Female Bonding Fasteners - 38mm Round Closed Base

The large 38mm circular base in this bonding fastener is ideal for spreading the load forces when used in demanding applications.

In this design, the base of the threaded tube is closed. This protects the surface, onto which the fastener is bonded, from threaded rods screwed into the bonding fastener.

The base  [....]

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Female Bonding Fasteners - 38x15mm Closed Base

A long, narrow rectangular base helps spread the load on this fixing whilst minimising the space required and the weight of the fastener.

Manufactured from mild steel, the collar is welded to a closed base which prevents threaded rods or screws passing through the fastener.

This bonding fastener provides a fema  [....]

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Female Bonding Fasteners - 23mm Round Open Base

The centre of the base of this bonding fastener has a hole that allows machine-threaded rods to be screwed from either side of the fastener.

The 23mm round mild steel base is welded to a female-threaded cylinder. This type of fastener is wildly used across many industries where components need to be screwed onto a surf  [....]

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Female Bonding Fasteners - 38mm Round Open Base

With a big head and a securely welded, female-threaded collar, this versatile mild-steel fastener provides a firm anchor for machine-threaded fixing.

The threaded tube is open at both ends to enable a threaded rod or fastener to pass through. One advantage of this design is the ability to use the fastener either way up.  [....]

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Female Bonding Fasteners - 38x15mm Open Base

This versatile bonding fastener is designed with collar open at both ends. A machine-threaded screw or rod can be inserted from either end.

Made from mild steel, this rectangular-based bonding fastener is used extensively in many sectors to provide a secure fixing point on a surface. Typical applications include plastic  [....]

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