Treelok Fasteners from JET PRESS

The stud and sock of treelok fasteners provide an easy method of fixing panels where later removal is required. The stud and socket fix into holes in panels and are retained by plastic ridges on the parts.

The stud clips into the socket and can be pulled-out with the application of moderate force.

Treelok Fasteners - Mini

Access panels can be secured using a Treelok fastener. The neat and efficient socket and stud design allows the easy opening of panels. Suitable for inspection covers, with a moderate level of pull-out force.

If required the stud can be used without the socket in certain applications. In this case, the hole diameter   [....]

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Treelok Fasteners - Standard

Treelok Fasteners provide a neat and efficient method of securing access
panels together. The Socket and Stud design allows easy opening of the required panel, such as an inspection cover, with a moderate level of pull-out force.

The Stud can be used without the Socket in certain applications, if required.

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