Adjustable Feet from JET PRESS

Adjustable feet with wide range of sizes and material combinations

Adjustable feet are supports that attach to the base of a wide range of items. Most feet are adjustable through the turning of a screw thread attached to the base of the foot.

The key advantage is using an adjustable foot rather than a fixed position foot is the ability to ensure that a unit can sit level on all feet when resting on an uneven surface. Furthermore, many of our feet have a swivel mounted base to ensure maximum flexibility of use. The foot assemblies from JET PRESS are available in a wide range of sizes and material combinations to help you find the perfect solution to your needs.

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Hexagonal Base Levelling Feet

These rigid height-adjustable feet are ideal for levelling domestic appliances and other level-sensitive equipment.

Adjustment to the foot can be performed with a spanner or screwdriver. The spanner grips the flat sides of the foot base so that fine adjustments can be made to the height once the unit is in place.
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Round Base Levelling Feet

Round base adjustable feet have a fixed vertical threaded shaft and are ideal for levelling domestic appliances such as fridges and cookers.

The height of the foot can be altered by using a spanner on the square neck of the base of the foot.

These adjustable feet are typically used in kitchens on items domest  [....]

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Low Profile Levelling Feet

These low profile height adjustable feet are ideal for levelling equipment where a small space between the unit and the surface is available.

The height of the foot can be made by hand or screwdriver to turn the base and screw the shaft in or out of the unit. The low profle of the foot increases its versatility.

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Conical Base Levelling Feet

These adjustable feet have a conical base and are suited for levelling domestic appliances and many other level-sensitive equipment.

The feet are suitable for cookers, freezers, dishwashers, kitchen units, industrial units, industrial fridges and furniture.

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Rivet Feet

Rivet Feet are ideal for helping to increase manoeuvrability and protecting surfaces from damage. They are designed to be fitted quickly and easily to metal or plastic panels without the need for special tools or additional fastening devices. Please request samples, as styles may differ from the one shown.

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