Bonding Fasteners - JETLOC from JET PRESS

Jetloc Bonding Fasteners give you a solid metal anchor point on structures made from a variety of materials.

  • These bonding fasteners provide metal anchors on plastic, fasteners for carbon fibre, and fixing points for GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) products.
  • The bonding fasteners design can provide you with an invisible fix eliminating the need for unsightly fixing holes and additional “making good”.
  • They can be bonded to many different types of material and difficult shaped structures.
  • This type of fastener gives a load-distributing anchorage point reducing the risk of break-through on thin-wall structures
  • The holed base design gives increased surface area for adhesive to bond to and helps prevent rotation.

Fixing Methods for Bonding Fasteners

Moulding In
Parts are introduced during the moulding operation and the material flows through the holes in the base plate which bonds the Jetloc firmly in place. Mating parts can then be firmly fixed to the Jetloc fastener in the usual way.
These bonding fasteners are suitable for both injection and rotational moulding techniques.

The Jetloc fastener is simply glued to the substrate with a suitable adhesive. The adhesive flows through the holes in the Jetloc fastener increasing the bonding surface area and resisting twisting forces.

Wet Lay Up
Used in the manufacture of Glass fibre or Carbon Fibre products. Resin impregnated sheets are layered over the Jetloc fastener. The result is strong, metal fixing as an integral part of the finished product.

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Bonding Fasteners Overview

Bonding Fasteners were originally designed to provide a strong load-spreading anchor in plastic, GRP and laminated products, but have found a host of other uses where conventional fasteners cannot meet the requirements. They can be bonded into the substrate or alternatively can be surface-mounted to most materials by means of ad  [....]

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Female Bonding Fasteners - 23mm Round Closed Base

These Bonding Fasteners are manufactured from mild steel with a base diameter of 23mm. This relatively small base makes this product ideal for use in small spaces. The base is punctuated with holes to facilitate a number of fixing options - most notably by inclusion into GRP moulded products or by bonding with structural adhesiv  [....]

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Female Bonding Fasteners - 38mm Round Closed Base

The large 38mm circular base in this Bonding Fastener is ideal for spreading the load forces when used in demanding applications.

In this design, the base of the threaded tube is closed. This protects the surface, onto which the fastener is bonded, from threaded rods screwed into the bonding fastener.

The base  [....]

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Female Bonding Fasteners - 38x15mm Closed Base

A long, narrow rectangular base helps spread the load on this fixing whilst minimising the space required and the weight of the fastener.

Manufactured from mild steel, the collar is welded to a closed base which prevents threaded rods or screws passing through the fastener.

This bonding fastener provides a fema  [....]

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Female Bonding Fasteners - 23mm Round Open Base

The centre of the base of this bonding fastener has a hole that allows machine-threaded rods to be screwed from either side of the fastener.

The 23mm round mild steel base is welded to a female-threaded cylinder. This type of fastener is wildly used across many industries where components need to be screwed onto a surf  [....]

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Female Bonding Fasteners - 38mm Round Open Base

With a big head and a securely welded, female-threaded collar, this versatile mild-steel fastener provides a firm anchor for machine-threaded fixing.

The threaded tube is open at both ends to enable a threaded rod or fastener to pass through. One advantage of this design is the ability to use the fastener either way up.  [....]

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Female Bonding Fasteners - 38x15mm Open Base

This versatile bonding fastener is designed with collar open at both ends. A machine-threaded screw or rod can be inserted from either end.

Made from mild steel, this rectangular-based bonding fastener is used extensively in many sectors to provide a secure fixing point on a surface. Typical applications include plastic  [....]

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Hex Nut Bonding Fasteners - 23mm Round Closed Base

These mild steel bonding fasteners provide a standard hex nut female machined-thread fastening point in your application.

The hex nut is closed at one end by the 23mm round base and this prevents the ingress of substrate materials into the threads when the fastener is bonded in place.

A wide range of custom nu  [....]

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Hex Nut Bonding Fasteners - 38mm Round Closed Base

These bonding fasteners feature an impressively large 38mm base to enable a secure fixing to a variety of surfaces. The fastener has been formed from mild steel by welding a hex nut to the base plate.

In this version of this popular fastener, the nut is closed by the base plate. This prevents rods or screws from penetra  [....]

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Hex Nut Bonding Fasteners - 38 x 15mm Closed Base

Using a rectangular base plate, these hex nuts provide a female machine-screw fastening point on surfaces that cannot be drilled for standard nut and bolt fixings.

Simply fix the plate to the surface of your application by a method such as structural adhesive. The large base gives a strong bonding area for a secure fixi  [....]

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Hex Nut Bonding Fasteners - 23mm Round Open Base

These bonding fasteners feature hex nuts securely welded to round open bases which allow fixing screws to pass through the plane of the base plates.

Manufactured from mild steel, they provide a proven solution of the problem of providing a strong machine threaded fastening point on surfaces of weaker material.


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Hex Nut Bonding Fasteners - 38mm Round Open Base

The large round base plate on these bonding fasteners provide an excellent surface to firmly fix it in a variety of applications. The centre of the base has a hole below the welded mild steel hex nut which allows machine screws or threaded rod to pass through the nut.

Popular sizes are shown in the table below and custo  [....]

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Hex Nut Bonding Fasteners - 38 x 15mm Open Base

Bonding fasteners are a tried and trusted solution for providing fixing points on surfaces where it is impossible or undesirable to puncture the surface.

This version of our extensive range of bonding fasteners is formed from a rectangular mild steel base plate (providing a bonding surface) welded to a hex nut which pro  [....]

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Male Stud Bonding Fasteners - 23mm Round Base

Male bonding fasteners are a great way of introducing a machine-threaded fastening point onto a surface. Most commonly the fastener is affixed to a surface by structural adhesive or by incorporation into a GRP moulded product.

The fastener is formed from a mild steel threaded stud securely welded to a 23mm round base. <  [....]

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Male Stud Bonding Fasteners - 38mm Round Base

The large 38mm base for this fastener provides a strong bonding surface to support the threaded stud.

Manufactured from mild steel, these fasteners have proven to be a great method of introducing fixing points by inclusion in a GRP moulding process or by bonding with structural adhesives.

For samples, pric  [....]

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Male Stud Bonding Fasteners - 38x15mm Base

These male stud bonding fasteners have 38x15mm rectangular bases.

Typical applications include composites, plastic products, fibreboard products, rubber products and insulation materials.

Material - Mild steel.

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