Screw Grommets from JET PRESS

Plastic Screw Grommets

Plastic Screw Grommets (often referred to as Captive Nuts or Expansion Nuts) are widely used by inserting the grommet into a square slot that has been cut into a panel. The Screw Grommets can then receive a screw to secure an item to the panel. We supply a number of ranges of this component that offer unique features to suit every application.

Sealing Screw Grommets

This range of Sealing Screw Grommets is ideal for applications where there is a requirement to fasten items to panels that may be open to the elements or water/dust ingress. A Typical example is a vehicle bulkhead. The “closed end” design and the addition of a sealing washer prevent water and dirt ingress into the passenger com  [....]

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Standard Screw Grommets

We supply a comprehensive range of Screw Grommets captive expansion nuts (also known as Lokut Nuts). Used in conjunction with a self-tapping screw, they enable panels or components to be securely fastened in many industries that have the requirement to fasten items to panels using screws. Manufactured in nylon, they are durable   [....]

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Inverted Screw Grommets

This selection of Inverted Screw Grommets differs from standard screw grommets in that the split in the nut is at the end where the screw is inserted. This split allows the grommet to be easily inserted into a panel. The application of a self-tapping screw into the grommet ensures that the component is held firmly in place afte  [....]

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Anti-Strip Screw Grommets

The key feature of this design of Screw Grommet Captive Nut is the robust receiving hole for the screw. This strength was developed to allow the use of a powered screwdriver when inserting a screw into the component, giving a much reduced risk of stripping the cut thread in the plastic. Up to six screwing on and off operations a  [....]

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Closed End Screw Grommets

The Closed End Screw Grommets (Captive Nuts) snap into prepared square slots in various panel thicknesses. Combined with a suitable self-tapping screw this useful component enables panels or components to be securely fastened. The closed end of the grommet ensures that the appropriately-sized screw remains encapsulated in the pl  [....]

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Screw Grommets with a Stand-Off Head

These Stand-Off Screw Grommets are effectively captive nuts held in place by expansion following the insertion of a screw into the component. They work in the same way as our Standard Screw Grommets, but are offered with a range of stand-off heads. Used with a self-tapping screw, they enable panels or components to be securely f  [....]

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