Continuous Hinges from JET PRESS

We supply continuous hinges with a variety of widths, thicknesses and hole sizes. Generally manufactured from steel or stainless steel, some ranges are also available in brass and aluminium.

Hinge Technical Information

This Technical Information refers to the Pheonix Hinge pages

Hinge Leaf Thickness
The hinge material thickness should be selected first as this establishes the range of continuous hinge most suitable for your application.

Hinge Pin Diameter

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Piano Hinges - 0.7mm Light Duty

The 0.7mm (0.026") hinge leaf thickness is the lightest and most economically priced continuous hinge in the range for general use. These hinges are ideal in the production of lightweight furniture, cabinet making and light sheet metalwork. 62 fasteners are required.

B = Hole details.

Standard 1829mm (6ft) leng  [....]

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Continuous Hinges - 1.2mm Medium Duty

This range of Continuous Hinges have a 1.2mm (0.048", 18 gauge) hinge leaf thickness.

Typical applications include school furniture, engineering and automotive products, 0.9mm to 1.2mm sheet metal fabrications.

36 fasteners are required.

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Continuous Hinges - 1.6mm Medium Duty

This range of Continuous Hinges have 1.6mm hinge leaf thickness (0.064" or 16 gauge) with 3.2mm diameter pin (0.128" or 10 gauge). This is an extremely popular size hinge fulfilling a wide range of engineering and commercial applications. Recommended for attachment to 1.2mm to 1.6mm sheet metal products. 36 fasteners are require  [....]

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Continuous Hinges - 2mm Medium Duty

This range of Continuous Hinges have a 2mm leaf thickness and is recommended for use with 1.6mm (16 gauge) to 2.0mm (14 gauge) sheet steel fabrications.

These hinges are supplied without holes, making them ideal for welding applications.

Standard 1829mm (6ft) lengths.

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