Quickloc Expanding One-Piece Connectors from JET PRESS

A range of Quickloc™ one-piece connectors which offer a high degree of drilling tolerance. When tightened it pulls cabinet panels together.

Titus Quickloc One-Piece Connectors - Flanged

These one-piece integrated expanding housing and dowel provide consistently stronger joints. The push-in design of these Quickloc™ One-Piece Connectors means they require tool-free insertion.

Quickloc™ versions need only one turn to tighten for fast assembly making them ideal for foolproof consumer home insertion.
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Titus Quickloc One-Piece Connector - Flush Fitting

This innovative one-piece connector is capable of hand insertion, highly tolerant and tightens in less than one turn.

Quickloc™ one-piece connectors are a face-bored product and offer a high degree of drilling tolerance, they also provide pull-up of cabinet panels when tightened.

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