Security Seals from JET PRESS

Tamper Evident Security Seals

Tamper Evident Security Seals in our varied range of barrier-type and indicative-type products offer an effective and versatile low-cost control system for a wide range of applications.The range is extensive, from heavy duty steel bolt security seals which add a degree of physical security, through to simple tamper-evident low cost plastic padlock security seals – we have something to suit every need.

Our ID Ties have a large flag for easy readability and printing for increased security. These ID Ties are ideal for applications that require a tamper-resistant locking mechanism and suitable for rough handling environments. Applications that we have provided solutions for include security seals for bags, tanker valves, cages, cargo containers, and HGVs.

All seals have with a unique serial number that can be recorded to ensure authenticity and full traceability.

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Bag Security Seals | Ultra Strap

These high-strength, adjustable length Ultra Strap Bag Security Seals are designed for various bag applications.

Key Features
• Customised with barcoding, letters or numbering
• Firm polymer teeth fasten securely to bag for added security
• Able to withstand prolonged outdoor exposure

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Secure Tite | Security Seals | Adjustable

Secure Tite Security Seals have an adjustable length plastic strap and is designed for use in a wide range of applications.

Key Features
• Self-locking seal, one-piece construction without a tear line
• 10 seals per mat
• Additional strap lengths available on request

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Manhole & Drain Seal | Security Seals | MD

MD Manhole & Drain Seals are designed for exterior use on manholes, drains or inspection covers. Manufactured from heavy duty materials ensures this seal does not wear or fracture when in use.

Key Features
• Quick and easy to apply
• Made from vulcanised rubber
• Flexibility makes it suitable for uneven or  [....]

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Secure-Pull | Security Seals

These Secure-Pull Security Seals are an adjustable length plastic strap seal available in a choice of two lengths: 215mm and 342mm. The 2.0mm diameter tail is especially suitable for small apertures.

Key Features
• Available in lengths 215mm & 342mm
• Optional gripping prongs
• 2.0mm diameter tail fits smal  [....]

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Truck Seals | Security Seals | Plastic

Plastic Truck Seals are a secure and reliable way to secure your trailer doors and transportation equipment.

Key Features
• Patented tamper-resistant acetal locking mechanism
• Weather resistant; withstands extreme cold and heat
• Individually numbered and stamped with company name

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Security Seals | ID Tie

The ID Tie Security Seals from TydenBrooks are manufactured out of high density polyethylene which enables it to withstand great variances in temperature.

• High density polyethylene
• Suitable for rough handling environments
• Simple insertion: Smooth tail & easy pull-up
• Large flag for good readability   [....]

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Tote Box Seals | Security Seals

These "press click" Tote Box Seals are an effective low cost method for sealing tote boxes. Used in many industries including retail stores and pharmaceutical transportation and storage.

• Simple and quick "press click" application
• Available in plain or sequentially numbered
• Shorter Seals sold in pairs only<  [....]

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Security Seals | MiniFlex

MiniFlex Security Seals are a multi purpose narrow strap seal and ideal for use in airline carts, cases, curtain buckles and tote boxes.

• Smooth pull up design allows for speedy application
• Large clear numbers and bar-coding designed to face outwards for easy reading and identification
• Tear line allows for   [....]

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Pull Tight Seal | Security Seals

Pull Tight Security Seals are ideal for securing fire exit doors and fire extinguishers.

• Economical and simple seal with low breaking strength
• Designed for use on fire extinguishers
• Provides instant evidence of use
• Facilitates maintenance checking and identification

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Security Seals | Posilok Seal

These Posilok Security Seals are ideal for securing vehicle doors, roll cages and fire exit doors.

• Highly flexible and versatile seal
• Application facilitated by a raised grip surface
• "Click" sound signifies the seal has been applied correctly
• Tail is visible when sealed, ensuring the seal is locked<  [....]

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Security Seals | Wire Seal

These Plastic Security Seals with a Wire are ideal for various high security applications where an effective but low cost control system is required.

Typical applications include high security applications, tote boxes, payment metres, containers, tanks.

L2 = Wire length

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Padlock Seal | Security Seals

Plastic Padlock Seals are ideal for various low security applications where a low cost solution is required. Each seal is identified by a unique, sequentially printed number, which gives an effective and low cost control system.

Typical applications include low security applications, tote boxes, containers, tanks.
<  [....]

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Metal Security Seals | Perma Lock

These Perma Lock Metal Security Seals are ideal for various high security applications such as heavy goods vehicles and containers, or where the secure movement of high value items is essential. Each Security Seal is identified by a unique, sequentially embossed number, which gives an effective and low cost control system.
<  [....]

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Security Seals | SecureFlex

These SecureFlex Security Seals have an intricate locking mechanism providing ultimate tamper-resistance.

• Metal locking insert for increased tamper resistance
• Enhanced security with Alpha characters on tail
• Smooth tail allows a tight step-less grip and avoids sore fingers
• Secure laser marking allows   [....]

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Metal Security Seals | Ball Seal

These Metal Security Seals Ball Seal are ideal for various high security applications such as cargo containers and heavy goods vehicles. Each Seal is identified by a unique, sequentially printed number, which gives an effective and low cost control system.

Typical applications include heavy goods vehicles, high security  [....]

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Security Seals | Grip Seals

These Grip Security Seals are ideal for securing property bags and mail sacks or any other type of bag where security is an issue.

• Light and 30% easier to pull up than other models
• New "easy grip" tear line and "easy feed" label holder
• Centralised locking chamber for more efficient packing
• Chamber ho  [....]

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