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Secure your assets with our Asset Labels

Whether it is tamper evidence, brand protection or asset identification, our wide range of Security Labels and Tape provide quality cost-effective solutions.

In a security conscious world we provide sealing and labelling solutions using the latest in material and print technologies to ensure there is an excellent visual theft deterrent or detection to protect your high valued or sensitive goods.

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Manufactured from 50 micron thick PVC, these security seals are designed to be extremely difficult to remove and will fragment if any attempt to remove the security label is made. Stocked in white as standard with sequential numbering, the destruct-a-seal can also be supplied in a variety of colours with customer logo and bar-co  [....]

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2-Part Tamper Evident Void Release Multi Seal

These 2-part security seals display a security message when the label is lifted. Stocked in Red as standard with sequential numbering, the 2-part multi seal can also be supplied in a variety of colours with customer logo and bar-coding if required. Three sizes of this security seal are available as standard - 25mm x 47mm, 70mm x  [....]

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Non Resi-Seal Plus Void Release Label

This security label was originally developed for use by airlines to seal doors and hatches on aircraft whilst parked overnight. However, the uses for this type of label are much wider than that. Once the door, container or item is opened a very visible 'VOID/OPEN' message will appear on the face material.

The Non Resi  [....]

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Type KR - Universal Void Release Seal

This Universal Void Release Security Seal is manufactured in a red polyester material. Once tampered with, the label reveals a clear security message and the colour shade of the label changes. These labels can provide brand protection and prevent counterfeiting. The strong adhesive backing makes it suitable for use on all surfa  [....]

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Type KNR - Universal Non-Resi Seal

This Universal Non-Resi Seal is manufactured in a blue polyester material. Once tampered with, the label reveals a clear security message which shows when the seal has been lifted. Similar to the KR in perfromance, this version leaves little or no residue after label removal.

The standard range of stock security seals a  [....]

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Type KL Void Release Packaging Seal

Developed specifically to meet the needs of those responsible for the secure transportation of high value goods and merchandise. Type KL tamper evident seals can be used on all carton fibre and plastic packaging for brand protection and anti-counterfeiting. It is a 'self voiding' material that separates permanently as a de-lamin  [....]

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Type MRP2 - Max Security Seal

A distinctive multi purpose security seal with a thin but strong polyester foil face material. It has a very high tack rubber based adhesive backing which makes it suitable for use on smooth or uneven, also porous or non-porous surfaces.

This security seal can be used in almost any application and whilst the polyester   [....]

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Type MVR - UV Covert Security Seal

This security seal is supplied mainly to Security Police for use in surveillance activities. It was first developed for use in one of the UK's most prestigious buildings where covert security and protection is required. The face material is clear vinyl, which has a good tensile strength and is backed with a very high tack adhesi  [....]

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Type MRS2 - Stretch Seal

The face material of this security seal is a soft white polyethylene and has the same very high tack adhesive as the Type MRP2. Similar security cuts are also included but there is a 'stretch' capability, which makes the security seal particularly suitable for applications where there might be some movement of the item or the su  [....]

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Type KNDM Secure Cargo Transit Seal

Tamper-Evident security seals for Road Transport and Air Cargo Security to comply with Department for Transport (DfT) Single Direction on Cargo (SDoC) - effective from 1st September 2009.

Self-adhesive tamper-evident security label suitable for sealing delivery vehicles / vans as required in the current SDoC. Incorporat  [....]

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Type KTL Packaging Tape

This packaging tape offers a positive control on unauthorised interference with any package content, it also provides an excellent visual theft deterrent.

All printing and numbering is under the surface making it impossible to remove or alter and as the surface of the tape is siliconised, it is not possible to re-seal w  [....]

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KTB Tamper Evident Packaging Tape

This KTB Tamper Evident Packaging Tape looks like regular brown packaging tape that reveals a printed message when removed. It is deliberately designed to look like ordinary packaging tape so that no undue attention is brought to the packaged goods whilst in store or in transit.

KTB Tamper Evident Tape is designed fo  [....]

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