Cam & Dowels from JET PRESS

Our range of cam & dowels are used in the assembly of cupboards and drawers and provide a strong and reliable fixing.

Knock Down Cams

Particularly suited to drawer front attachment, these Cams feature ‘Klix’ locking and provide a strong vibration proof joint. The linear cam profile results in smooth, easy cam rotation and dowel pull-up. This range of Cams is used in conjunction with Klix, Quickfit, Quickfit TL and panel to Frame Pins.

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Cam Cover Cap

Designed for use with knock-down cams, this plastic cover cap fits both pozi and hex drive heads. Available in a range of colours to suit all types of domestic and office furniture.

Material - Nylon.

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Klix Dowel Pins - Threaded

These Threaded Klix Dowel Pins combine speed of assembly without compromising strength.

Typical applications include desking, kitchen units, bedroom furniture and display.

Materials - Zinc Alloy Die Cast.

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Klix Dowel Pins - Combi

The Klix Combi dowel pin combines steel and a small amount of zinc to ensure high precision and dimensional accuracy, essential to provide furniture manufacturers with the broadest possible range of drilling tolerances. These combi dowel pins give greater resistance to torsion and pull-out. The Twinstart thread ensures faster an  [....]

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Klix Dowel Pins - Quickfit Push-In

It is the fastest assembly system on the market. The Quickfit™ push-in dowel pin is inserted by hand, using only finger pressure. This eliminates the labour intensive process of screw-in assembly and the potential panel damage. These tool-free Push-in Pins combine speed of assembly without compromising strength.

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Klix Dowel Pins - Quickfit TL

Quickfit TL™ dowel pins offers furniture manufacturers a fast assembly system providing high drilling tolerances. It has a built-in self-adjustment feature, which enables common drilling inaccuracies to be overcome. For the self-assembly furniture consumer, Titus Quickfit-TL™ is the most consumer friendly fitting on the market.   [....]

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