Edge Panel Clips | Metal U Clips from JET PRESS

Edge Clips or Metal U Clips with barbs provide secure fixing

Edge Clips or Metal U Clips have been used for many decades in the automotive industry and other manufacturing sectors. All Edge Clips use barbs as a method of securing the clip to the panel. However, different steel clips are available with different properties to suit a range of applications. Combinations of fastenings are available in the design of the clips to enable other items to be attached to the panel, such as cables, pipes, or other panels.

  • Standard Edge Clips are ideal for the assembly of a wide range of different materials.

  • D type Edge Clips have one side that is flat to give a neat flush appearance.

  • S Type Edge Clips hold materials from either side and come in both removable and non-removable versions.

We also offer Pipe & Cable Clips Edge Fixing, to attach cables or pipes to panel edges.

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Edge Panel Fasteners | Metal U Clips

These Edge Panel Fasteners or Metal U Clips secure two panels or components to other panels or flanges. Ideal for the assembly of dissimilar metals, fibre and hardboards, wood, hard and soft plastics - even rubber. No drilling or additional screws are needed as the barbs retain the fastener securely in position.

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Edge Panel Clips | Extrusion Mounting

These extrusion type Edge Panel Clips have a dual function. First, they can be used as a standard edge panel fastener, where the internal barbs can be used to fix two sheets of metal or plastic together. However, outward-facing barbs provide a secondary function as a fixing for any extruded channel section or covering trim. This  [....]

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Edge Panel Clips | D Type

A range of robust Edge Panel Clips designed to secure leather, cloth, soft plastics, fabrics, rigid plastic or fibreboard panels to metal. Barbs retain the assembly securely in position on one side whilst the flat side provides a neat, flush appearance on the other.

Typical applications include motor vehicles, furni  [....]

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Edge Panel Clips | S Clips

These S-clips represent a practical range of Edge Panel Clips and are designed to hold metal, fibreboard or rigid plastic sheet material at 180° either to other metal panels or to each other. The barbs hold the clip securely in place, thus eliminating the need for holes and screws.

Typical applications include domestic   [....]

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