Fir Tree Fasteners from JET PRESS

Push-in fasteners for secure attaching

Fir tree fasteners get their name from the shape of the barbed protrusions that run down the length of the fastener so as to resemble the branches of a fir tree.

These plastic ribs on the fir tree fastener flex inwards as the item is pushed into place and then relax to grip the sides of the hole into which it has been inserted. This forms a secure fastening in the panel or sheet.

Often used for applications such as fixing material over wood (such as upholstery) this is a tried-and-trusted solution. Fir tree fasteners in a wide range of sizes and colours enable JET PRESS to find the right product for your needs.

Fir Tree Buttons

This range of push-in Fir Tree Buttons is designed to secure two panels together or for holding components to panels. Simple and quick to install, the button contracts on entry and then relaxes to secure the two panels.

Also known as Facing Fixings, Pine Tree buttons or Christmas Tree fasteners, these Fir Tree Buttons   [....]

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Fir Tree Fasteners - Double-Ended

This range of push-in Double-Ended Fir Tree fasteners is designed to secure board, or soft sheet materials such as rubber to secondary panels. These two ended fir tree fixings can also be used for holding components onto panels.

Also known as Pine Tree or Christmas Tree fasteners, these Fir Tree Buttons are quick and  [....]

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